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West End Dining Hall







University Project Manager

East Carolina University

Gina Shoemaker

(252) 328-6858


Calloway, Johnson, Moore and West

Bill Steele

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Description of Work

West End Dining Hall Project will be a 600 seat facility located on the main academic campus adjacent to five university residence halls as well as a neighboring, privately owned student condominium. The dining hall will offer a modern food court, a pleasant dining atmosphere, and a convenience store for residents of Central and West Campus. This project will define the downtown end of campus and create an ordered greenspace that will serve as a terminus to the campus mall.

Due to the topography of the site, the structure will be two stories, with the first serving as a delivery access from a public street, and the second story providing patron access to the main campus at a higher elevation. The project is estimated to be 40,000 square feet, and the dining hall will serve approximately 1200 students per day. A revised landscape plan for the entire west end housing/dining site is included. The estimated total cost of the project is $12,500,000.