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As a major university with more than 27,000 students and another 5,000 faculty and staff, East Carolina requires considerable resources just to keep the doors open. That is why it is so important that the university is actively working to eliminate wasteful practices and to improve efficiency wherever possible.

In an age when environmental concerns are gaining more public support and pennies are counted like never before, it makes sense for the university to conserve wherever it can. But accepting the challenge of creating a more sustainable campus goes beyond mere budgetary concerns or public relations.

As an institution that prides itself on preparing leaders, it is imperative that ECU takes the initiative to ensure that this university is able to prepare the next generation.

Our Mission

The ECU Sustainability Committee will serve as a resource and offer guidance to assure that the university community is engaged, responsible, and environmentally literate in the campus-wide development of a fully articulate vision for sustainability in research, curriculum, campus operations, and community. Our environmental stewardship will build on existing initiatives and strengths that align with the university strategic plan, as well as foster regional sustainability.

Please see our Facebook page for upcoming meetings and events on campus.  Questions? E-mail