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ECU's Conservation Efforts

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Sustainability Committee

ECU's Conservation Efforts


Projects & Initiatives

Recycling Efforts

Water Savings

Biotechnology Building: 

Pre-Installation of Autoclaves-  365 gpm (gallons per-minute)

Post Installation- 110 gpm

Annual Usage Avoidance: 2.2 million gallons

Brody Building:

Pre-Installation of Autoclaves- 980gpm

Post Installation- 515gpm

Annual Usage Avoidance: 4.1 million gallons


9 conservation kits (autoclaves)- $19,800 ($2,200 per kit installed)

6.3 million gallons conserved annually

ECU HSC Average water/sewer rate- $7.50 per 1,000 gal

Annual Cost Avoidance- $47,250

Payback<6 months

New 500 HP Natural Gas/No.2 Burner and Controls with O2 trim- Replace the aging and inefficient 500 HP Boiler burner in the HSC Steam Plant with a newer design with increased turn down to be controlled with active 02 (Oxygen) trim control

Steam Plant Operating Parameters- Install new monitoring capabilities for fuel consumption, steam creation, and plan efficiencies in the Health Sciences Steam Plant.

Brody Lighting Controls 2nd Floor Student Area- Install occupancy controls on more than 34 KW of lighting on 2nd floor of the Brody building which currently operate 24/7.

Condensate Return Meters- Install steam drain condensate return meters on the HSC to enable trending, monitoring and reductions of the steam use for building conditioning (heating and air condition).

Leo Jenkins Floor controls- Install DDC (direct digital controls) in first floor of the LJCC and connect to the building automation system.  New controls will both increase building control capability and allow for global energy setbacks (night, weekends, holidays) to conserve electricity and natural gas.

Main Campus Steam Plant Blow Down Heat Exchanger- Install a boiler blow down heat exchanger to recover waste heat from required boiler blow down and transfer energy to feed water to reduce that amount of natural gas consumption required to steam creation.

Boiler Room Valve Insulation- Repair, replace, and/or install steam transmission line (pipe/valve) insulation to reduce heat loss.

Power Meters- Expand the install networked electrical meters to include Minges chiller, Brewster, Slay/Umstead, Old Cafeteria, Erwin, and Mamie Jenkins loads to enable trending, monitoring and reduction capabilities.

Housing Power Meters-  Expand the networked electrical meters to include housing, starting with Tyler, Fletcher, and Scott and add to energy management system to enable trending, monitoring, reduction capabilities and competitions.

Rock Springs Road Steam Leak- Repair a known steam leak to reduce waste heat and energy loss.

Steam Trap Replacement-  Replace failed steam traps to reduce the amount of waste heat.

Lighting Performance Contract Evaluations-  Evaluate over 30 buildings for lighting retrofit from inefficient T12 lighting fixtures to either T8 fixtures and/or LED fixtures.

                                                                           Updated: 11/15/2012