Green Fund Campaign


Green Fund

What is the Green Fund?

The Green Fund (click here for the fact sheet) is a newly proposed $5.00 per semester student fee that will support sustainability initiatives on campus. It will be governed by students with assistance from faculty and staff advisors. This fund will invest in campus infrastructure to help meet the goals of the UNC Sustainability Policy, while also offering education, research and professional development opportunities for students.

Chart of Fees

How will it work?

First, the group working to establish this new fee will present it to SGA then the Campus Based Tuition and Fee Committee of the Faculty Senate.  Once approved, the fee will be implemented in fall of 2018 and a Green Fund Committee will be established to manage the revenue generated and grant administration process.  Proposals for funding will be submitted to the Green Fund Committee and only the student committee members will be allowed to vote on which proposals are funded and the amount of the awards.

Table of Fees

How to support the campaign?

Sign the form below to pledge support online OR stop by our table outside the MSC during one of our weekly tabling events to sign a Support Card.  After pledging support for the ECU Green Fund, we will only contact you via email one more time to let you know about an open forum to discuss the possibility of establishing the new fee.  Although this event has not been scheduled just yet, we hope you will join us to share your comments, concerns, or suggestions for the proposed Green Fund.

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