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Are you interested in making a difference in sustainability on this campus?  Join our Sustainability Committee by either contacting the Chair of the Subcommittee you are interested in joining or by coming to one of the Sustainability Committee meetings. Meetings are held in Mendenhall Student Center (see the welcome Center for room details) from 1:30-3:00 p.m. Our next meeting will be held October 24, 2012.

                                  Chairman: Terry

                                 Vice Chair:  

                                 Secretary: Elaine Garris -


Integration Subcommittee: shall facilitate the systematic incorporation of sustainability throughout the institution by integrating the policy goals into the institution's processes, administration, teaching, research, and engagement. The subcommittee shall have the overall responsibility for producing the university's Annual Sustainability Report. This report shall be available for publication in January of each year for activities related to the previous calendar year.


Aaron Lucier- Chairman

Griffin Avin

Michael Behm

Rebecca Bizzell

Robert Chin

Tim Kelley

Communications Subcommittee: Shall be responsible for keeping the campus community up-to-date on the university's energy conservation measures and climate action efforts, as well as developing and implementing plans to involve the community as much as possible in both the planning process and the actions that reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions. This subcommittee shall manage the content and maintenance of the Committee's website, SharePoint Site and all other means of communication to the university.



Jennifer Raby

Paige Schneider

Emily Ayscue

Jeanne Hoover


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Design & Construction Subcommittee:  shall monitor and report on integration of sustainability principles related to infrastructure, natural resources, site development, and community impact included in the University Master Plan. This subcommittee will work with Facilities Engineering and Architectural Services on capital project planning and construction processes. They will assist with determining the planning and processes deliver energy, water, and materials efficient buildings and grounds that minimize the impact on and/or enhance the site and provide good indoor environmental quality for occupants. This subcommittee shall provide pertinent information about all projects to the Communications Subcommittee for publication. Capital project planning and construction processes shall meet statutory energy and water efficiency and deliver energy, water, and materials, efficient buildings and grounds that minimize the impact on and/or enhance the site and provide good indoor environmental quality for occupants.


John Fields- Chairman

Robert Still

Climate Change Mitigation and Renewable Energy: The university shall develop a plan to become carbon neutral as soon as practicable and by 2050 at the latest, with an ultimate goal of climate neutrality. The university shall develop and implement a comprehensive, multimode transportation plan designed to reduce carbon emissions and dependency on single occupant vehicles.


Paul Carlson- Chairman

Deb Garfi

Rosana Ferreira

Wood Davidson

Mike Rowe

Operations and Maintenance: The operation and maintenance of buildings and grounds shall meet or exceed statutory requirements to reduce energy and water use, provide excellent air quality and comfort, improve productivity of faculty, staff and students, and minimize materials use. Further, priority shall be given to the purchase and installation of high-efficiency equipment and facilities as part of an ongoing sustainability action plan following life cycle cost guidelines where applicable.


Ken Yarnell- Chairman 

Anthony Yamada

Mark Payne

Ray Schmit

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP): Any purchasing shall, to the extent practicable, improve the environmental performance of its supply chain with consideration given to toxicity, recycled content, energy and water efficiency, rapidly renewable resources, and local production and shall also improve the social performance of its supply chain with consideration given to working conditions and historically underutilized businesses.


Elaine Garris- Chairman 

Eddie Johnson

Joyce Sealey

Bryan Tuten

Ann Weingartz


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