Chancellor's Office



Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Oklahoma, 1976-1978

Ph.D., Political Science, Ohio State University, 1976

B.A., With Distinction, History, University of Arizona, 1970


Provost, Academic Affairs University of Missouri-Kansas City

Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate College, Bowling Green State University, 1998-June, 2001.

Founding Director, Margaret Chase Smith Center for Public Policy, University of Maine, 1989-1998.

Director, University of Maine System/State Government Partnership Program, 1990-1992.

Chair, Department of Public Administration, University of Maine, 1991-1994.

Director, Science and Public Policy Program and Professor of Political Science, University of Oklahoma, 1987-1989.

Associate Director, Science and Public Policy Program, University of Oklahoma, 1978-1987.


Leadership in the Public Sector

Organizational and Institutional Change

Public Policy

R&D and the Innovation Process

Utilization of Scientific and Technical Knowledge


Chairman, "State and Federal Roles in Energy Emergency Preparedness." National Research Council, Energy Engineering Board, 1988-89.


"Water Policy in the United States: State and Federal Roles." Testimony presented to the U.S. House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Environment, Energy, and National Resources (Committee on Government Operations). June 23, 1983.


"The Maine Code of Election Ethics: Foundation for Electoral Reform." Invited lecture at the Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers University, January 29, 1997.

"Paradigm Shifts and System Failures: Taking Ownership in a Darwinian World." Keynote Speech at the Maine State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention conference, Rockport, Maine, May 14, 1996.

"Re-Inventing State Government: Signs of Progress and Failure." Keynote speech at the Annual Meeting of the Margaret Chase Smith Library Center, Skowhegan, Maine, June 15, 1995.

"Coping with Change: Building Organizations from Within." Keynote speech at the State Meeting of the Maine Internal Revenue Service, Bethel, Maine, May 24, 1995.

"Managing Through Shared Values: Implications for the Public Service." Lecture and Workshop presented to the Institute for Public Affairs, University of Illinois-Springfield, October 10, 1994.

"High Performance Organizations: Implications for Reforming Public Organizations." Keynote Speech to the State Conference on School Leadership, Bangor, Maine, November 18, 1992.

"The Energy Planning and Policymaking Process: What Can States Do?" Presentation delivered to the Energy Commission of the Maine Legislature, October 16, 1991.

"Ethics, Public Policy, and Civic Education." Speech Delivered at the National Public Policy Education Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, September 17, 1990.

"Federal Policies to Improve the Transfer and Use of Scientific and Technical Information." Lecture delivered at the National Science Foundation, December 17, 1986.


"The Maine Program for Children." Principal Investigator for sub-contract with the Harvard School of Public Health. Five year project with the National Institute of Mental Health, $25,000, 1998.

"Evaluation of Systems of Care for Child Mental Health Services." Principal Investigator. Funded by the Center for Mental Health Services, $710,000, 1994-1998.

"Understanding Watershed-Scale and Regional Response to Changing Atmospheric Depositions." Co-Principal Investigator with Steve Kahl, Principal Investigator. Funded by the National Science Foundation and the Environmental Protection Agency, $698,687, 1997-1999.

"A Strategic Environmental Assessment of Factors Affecting the University of Maine System." With Deirdre Mageean, Suzanne Hart, Charles Morris. Project sponsored by the University of Maine System, $73,400, 1996-1997.

"A Science and Technology Report Card for Maine." Principal Investogator. Project sponsored by the Maine Science and Technology Foundation, $84,085, July 1995 - June 1996.

"Regulation and the Environment." Principal Investigator. Funded by Central Maine Power Company, New England Telephone, Bangor Hydro Electric Company, and Northern Gas and Utilities, $510,000, 1992-1996.

"Process Evaluation of the Electric Lifelines Program." Principal Investigator, with Ralph Townsend. Central Maine Power Company, $61,000, 1992.

"Assessment of Training Needs for Community Boards and Citizen-Based Decision-Making." Co-Principal Investigator with Barbara Nicoletti and Anthony Cahill. Maine Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, $104,000, 1992-1994.

"Living Placement for Developmentally Impaired." Margaret Chase Smith Center and the School of Social Work, University of Maine. Funded by Maine Bureau of Medical Services, $360,000, 1990-1993.

"The University Affiliated Program Center on Development Disabilities." U.S. Department of Education, Administration on Developmental Disabilities, in collaboration with the College of Education and the Maine Developmental Disabilities Council. Lu Zeph, Principal Investigator, $600,000, 1991-1994.

"Evaluation of Project Maine Neighbor." Principal Investigator. Bureau of Elder and Adult Services, Department of Human Services, $9,291, May 1990.

"Development of a Performance and Impact Evaluation Plan, 1991-1995." Principal Investigator, Maine Aspirations Foundation, $11,380, September 1990.

"Recycling, Waste Minimization, and Economic Development." Co-Principal Investigator, Oklahoma Department of Commerce, $208,750, 1989.

"Development of a Performance Review System for the Oklahoma Department of Commerce." Co-Principal Investigator, Oklahoma Department of Commerce, $30,500 (Phase I, II, III), 1987-1988.

"Implications of Global Climate Change for Policy Planning and Management." Co-Principal Investigator with Mark Meo, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, $50,400, 1987-1988.

"Integrated Energy System: Implications for Oklahoma Energy Policy." Co-Principal Investigator with Mark Meo, U.S. Department of Energy, $124,000, 1987-1988.

"Impacts of Climate Change on State and Local Governments." Principal Investigator, Environmental Protection Agency, $98,609, 1985-1986.
"The Federal Role in Improving the dissemination and Use of Scientific and Technical Information." Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation, $149,000, 1985-1986.

"Political Factors Influencing Ocean Waste Disposal." Co-Principal Investigator with Michael D. Devine, U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, $8,000, 1985.

"Retiring Irrigated Lands in the Ogallala Aquifer Region." Principal Investigator, Resources for the Future, $7,700, 1984-1985.
"Ground Water Protection and Management." With Thomas E. James, Jr., Principal Investigator, and others. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, $250,000, 1984-1986

"Public Reactions to Strategic Defense Initiatives and Arms Control Processes." Principal Investigator with Thomas E. James Jr. and Tim Adams. U.S. Army Ballistic Missile Command, $25,000, 1984-1985

"Options for Decentralized Electricity Production." National Science Foundation, with Michael D. Devine, Principal Investigator, and the Science and Public Policy Research Team. $150,000, 1983-1984.

"Infrastructure Needs in Oklahoma." Principal Investigator. Oklahoma Department of Economic and Community Affairs, $6,000, 1983.

"Ground Water Contaminants and Their Sources." Principal Investigator. U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, $17,000, 1983.

"Social-Economic Impacts of the Sentry Missile Program." With Larry W. Canter, Principal Investigator, and Thomas E. James, Jr. U.S. Army, Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Command, $163,000, 1983.

"Formative Evaluation of Advanced Programs." Principal Investigator with Thomas E. James, Jr. and Betsy Gunn. Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education, $22,500, 1982-1983.

"Ground Water Management in the Southeast." Co-Principal Investigator with Michael D. Devine (grant modification). Environmental Protection Agency, $150,000, 1981-1982.

"An Integrated Environmental Assessment of the Sun Belt." Co-Principal Investigator with Michael D. Devine (grant modification). Environmental Protection Agency, $175,000, 1980-1981.



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"The Public University and the State: A Partnership Model in Maine." Paper delivered for the keynote panel at the 1997 LINKS Conference, Springfield, Illinois, May 1-4, 1997.

"Aspirational Management: Implementation Strategies for a Value-Based Organization." Paper delivered at the annual meeting of the Western Social Sciences Association, Reno, Nevada, April 20, 1996.

"Successful Funding Strategies for Social Science Research." Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Vancouver, Canada, August 5, 1995.

"High Performance Organizations: Implementation Issues in the Public Sector." Paper delivered at the Sixteenth Annual Research Conference of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management. Chicago, Illinois, October 27-29, 1994.

"Building a Learning Community: Novel Implementation Strategies." Panel moderator and presenter, 1994 ASPA National Training Conference, Kansas City, July 24-27.

"Regulating Public Utilities: Searching for a New Paradigm." Panel Chair, presented at the Annual Research Conference of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, Denver, Colorado, October 29-32, 1992.

"Organizing Around Shared Values: The Manager's New Ethic" (with Judy Rogers). Presented at the American College Personnel Association, Kansas City, MO, March 1993.

"Total Quality Education for Public Schools: Linking Customers to Communities" (with Christopher Spruce). Presented at the Northeast Conference of the American Society for Public Administration, Boston, November 1993.

"Occupational Segregation in the Public Sector: Views of the Professional Woman." Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Public Administration, Washington, DC, April 1991 (with Gayle Lawn-Day).

"Building Cooperative Partnerships Between State Governments and Universities." Paper presented at the New England Conference on Research Trends, Durham, NH, December 6, 1990.

"Ethics and the Public Service." Panel Chair, Regional Conference of the American Society for Public Administration, Portland, Maine, September 27, 1990.

"Affirmative Action in the Intergovernmental System: Can It Be Improved?" Paper presented at the National Conference of the American Society for Public Administration, Los Angeles, April 7-11, 1990 (with Gayle Lawn-Day).

"Alternative Transportation Fuels: The Emerging Coalescence for Environmental and Energy Values." Panel Chair, National Conference of the American Society for Public Administration, Los Angeles, April 7-11, 1990.


Chair, Research Officers Council, State of Ohio, July 2000-June, 2001 Provides oversight and advice to the Ohio Board of Regents on research issues

Member, Ohio Graduate Funding Commission, 1999-2000 Charged with revising the graduate funding system statewide

Chair, Bowling Green State University Task Force on Financial Aid, 1999-2000 Charged with review and re-design of the university's $28 million aid system

Chair, Graduate Stipend Allocation Committee, 1998-2000 Charged with re-allocating the graduate stipend pool ($8 million)

Member, President's Compensation Committee, Bowling Green State University, 1999-2000

Member, Capital Planning Committee, Bowling Green State University, 1998-2000

Member, Strategic Planning Council, BGSU, 1998-2008

Member, Program Review Committee, BGSU, 1998-present