Leadership: A relational process of inspiring, empowering, and influencing positive change.

The Chancellor’s Leadership Academy has grown and evolved over the years, although the commitment to develop leadership capacity has remained strong with East Carolina University throughout its history.  First realized as an intensive program for emerging leaders on campus, the Inaugural Academy of 2004, under the direction of former Chancellor Richard Eakin and Peter J. Kragel, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, opened the door to new opportunities for high potential faculty and staff to work closely with university leaders in developing leadership potential.  These pioneers paved the way for what continues to evolve as the Chancellor's Leadership Academy today:



Margie K. Boyd

Risk Management & Insurance

Rhonda P. Brown

International Affairs

Alton R. Daniels, II

Chancellor’s Office

Edna E. Denton

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Jennifer L. Hodgson

Child Development and Family Relations

Joanna M. Iwata

Student Involvement

Jeffery W. Jarvis

School of Music

Max C. Poole

Graduate School

Catherine A. Rigsby


Becky Vaughn

Human Resources

Katrina L. Walker


Reginal W. Watson


Marvin E. Whitehurst


William A. Wooden

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery