Jan. 11th


Session 1 Leadership Defined

  • ECU definition of leadership
  • Key Characteristics of
    good leaders
  • Personal Leadership Journeys  

Session 2 The Leadership Journey

  • Leading Positive Change
    through Health Sciences
  • Historical perspectives of
    ECU Leadership
  • Applying ECU definition
    of Leadership Development
    and CLA Goals

Jan. 22nd


Session 3 Individual Leadership Assessment

  • Understanding self as inspiring,
    empowering, and influencing
    positive change agent.
  • Experiential small group exercises

Feb. 5th


Session 4 Leading in Intercultural Environments

  • Relating to others, inspiring others
  • Power and privilege
  • Identity as cornerstone
    of building the relational process
  • Embracing difference

Feb. 19th


Session 5 Legal and Ethical Issue

  • Legal Issues
  • Societal Roles and Ethical
    Responsibilities of the University

Mar. 5th


Session 6 Cultivating Leadership Relationships

  • Relational processes of
    Leadership for Positive change
  • Positive Change
  • Using individual assessment results

Mar. 19th


Session 6 Followership and Engagement

  • Significance of followership
    to empower and influence
    positive change
  • Definition and purpose
    of Engagement
  • Empowering and Influencing
    Positive Change
  • Community Engagement

Mar. 26th


Session 7 Decision Making in Higher Education

  • Deciding where to focus
    efforts for positive change
  • Pairwise Decision Making

Apr. 2nd


Session 8Mentoring

  • Empowering others through


Apr. 11th


Session 9 The Beginning

  • Seeing selves in Relational
    Process of inspiring,
    empowering, and influencing
    positive change
  • Creating a personal
    development plan

Closing reception

  • Recognition of facilitators
  • Presentation of certificates
  • Reflections, celebration,
    thoughts from participant