Past Events

April 13-14, 2015: Join us for two days of important discussion on community engagement and engaged scholarship led by Dr. Hiram Fitzgerald and others.

September 27-30, 2015: The Engagement Scholarship Consortium will host its 16th annual conference at Penn State University. We look forward to welcoming you to the 16th annual conference as we work together to advance engaged scholarship as an intrinsic, transformational component of the student, faculty, and staff experience.

April 2015: ECU hosted the Engaged Scholarship Symposium 2015. There were two days of important discussion on community engagement and engaged scholarship led by Dr. Hiram Fitzgerald and others. Presentations and other materials can be accessed here.

March 2015: Eight students from ECU's School of Social Work attended the Annual Bachelor of Social Work Program Director's in Kansas City, Missouri.

February 2015: East Carolina University sent two teams to the 2015 Social Entrepreneurship Competition where the students presented their ideas to a panel of judges. Learn about the undergraduate team's idea to provide therapy services to children of low-income families through their program, PlayCare. The graduate team developed a business plan ReBound, their re-binding service for students' notes to reduce waste and recycle unused pages.

February 2014: East Carolina University sent the Third Street Community Harvest team to the 2014 Social Entrepreneurship Competition where they presented their idea to address healthy food options in Greenville, NC. 

September 2013: Barbara Holland presents on Appreciating the Mosaic of Faculty Scholarly Talents and Contributions. We have created a final report and a summary of community feedback to outline observations and recommendations following her visit.

September 2013: ECU's Beth Velde presents on Service at ECU: Public Service, Context for Public Service, Structure of Public Service, and Recognition.

March 2013: ECU hosted the Ethics of Public Service Symposium to engage participants in discussions about ethical responsibilities of public universities, the value of public service to campuses and communities, the ethical dilemmas arising from public service, the rewards to all involved, and the ethical responsibilities.

June 2012: Barbara Holland presents on Tracking and Measuring Community Engagement

February 2011: Andrew Furco, University of Minnesota, hosts symposium on Institutionalizing Community Engagement in Higher Education.