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The role of The Chancellor's Office at East Carolina University, is to help provide the vision, leadership, and support to maximize the opportunities before us. The office believes in quality, partnerships, transparency, and engagement.

East Carolina University's Office of Innovation and Economic Development (OIED) supports sustainable growth throughout North Carolina.

The Volunteer and Service Learning Center (VSLC) at East Carolina University, in partnership with local, regional, and international communities, seeks to foster an environment where individuals learn about themselves and their community, take action through service, and advocate for lasting social change.

The Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) at East Carolina University is committed to providing knowledge, education and other supportive resources that enable existing small and mid-sized businesses, emerging entrepreneurs and local/state leaders to innovate and succeed.


External Related Sites:

The Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU) i s a research, policy, and advocacy organization representing 238 public research universities, land-grant institutions, state university systems, and affiliated organizations.

The Engagement Scholarship Consortium (ESC) is composed of higher education member institutions, a mix of state-public and private institutions. The goal is to work collaboratively to build strong university-community partnerships anchored in the rigor of scholarship, and designed to help build community capacity.

The International Association for Research on Service-learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE) is an international non-profit organization devoted to promoting research and discussion about service-learning and community engagement. The mission is to promote the development and dissemination of research on service-learning and community engagement internationally and across all levels of the education system.

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH) is a nonprofit membership organization that promotes health equity and social justice through partnerships between communities and academic institutions.

Imagining America is a consortium of publicly engaged artists, designers, scholars, and community activists working toward the democratic transformation of higher education and civic life. The mission is to create democratic spaces to foster and advance publicly engaged scholarship that draws on arts, humanities, and design.

The Gulf South Summit has become one of foremost annual conferences on service-learning in the United States. The mission is to promote networking among practitioners, research, ethical practices, reciprocal campus-community partnerships, sustainable programs, and a culture of engagement and public awareness through service-learning and other forms of civic engagement.

New England Resource Center for Higher Education (NERCHE) is committed to collaborative change processes in higher education to address social justice in a diverse democracy. As a center for inquiry, research, and policy, NERCHE supports administrators, faculty, and staff across the region in becoming more effective practitioners and leaders as they navigate the complexities of institutional innovation and change.

As the only national higher education association dedicated solely to campus-based civic engagement, Campus Compact promotes public and community service that develops students' citizenship skills, helps campuses forge effective community partnerships, and provides resources and training for faculty seeking to integrate civic and community-based learning into the curriculum.