Welcome to the new ECU

At ECU, our horizon is boundless.
It is time to take a confident step forward.

A bold vision. Big goals. Great opportunities.

Getting there means telling the ECU story in an equally bold way.
Promoting a message that makes clear the path to success.
And establishing an identity that is memorable, engaging, and fits
the path to becoming America's next great national university.

East Carolina University is taking the next step forward to become known as
ECU logo

And we're challenging our students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, and all stakeholders to Capture your horizon.

This new look was designed entirely by ECU’s own Creative Services within University Communications.

Our Website

Big improvements are coming to ECU's website, starting with changes to our homepage.

After studying many of the top university websites, a team of designers and programmers have created a new home page that streamlines navigation, and updates the overall look of the site, resulting in a more contemporary and sophisticated look for

The new home page will go live on September 10.

This is just the first step toward exciting changes coming to all of

Many features of the new homepage will be made available throughout the website as we make the transition to the Wordpress environment in the coming months.

Our Charge

Chancellor Cecil P. Staton recommended an update of the East Carolina University branding elements in order to better represent a top national university. He wanted to include the campus community in the process, and they agreed that while our brand has served us well over the years, it is time to create a new look and feel-a new brand-that represents our national leadership, our commitment to excellence, and our promise to address the special needs of our state and its citizens.

Our Methodology

Research was conducted to determine the degree to which our stakeholders felt new branding was appropriate and the survey response was overwhelmingly positive from faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors, trustees, and other friends of East Carolina University.

In addition, the survey was posted on social media in order to give ample opportunity for a wider audience to participate. Informal, on-campus focus groups were held as well. Participants were asked the same questions as on the survey, and they were given an opportunity to comment on font treatments and graphic elements.

Survey Results

The graph below shows numbers of survey responses from each group within the university community.

survey results

More than 

8,500 survey responses

Focus groups

90 participants

Overwhelming support to elevate the brand

85% survey

86% focus groups

Significant support for updating our moniker to ECU

80% survey

81% focus groups

The national universities have established a graphic appearance with many common traits. An analysis of those graphics, together with various ECU approaches, led us to our new logo and graphic treatment. There will be no questions when those unfamiliar with ECU see our graphics that this university belongs among the very best in America.

  • Designs were created to fit within the competitive set
  • Designs were created to fit within the aspirational set
  • Designs created to be distinctive and authentic to ECU

The logo design we recommend accomplishes these things. It is ownable and authentic to ECU, bold and distinctive, yet it fits in tone and look within the national university set.

One component in achieving national recognition is looking the part.
We're ready for our close-up.

Welcome to the new ECU.
logo w/ caption