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ECU’s Entrepreneurial Initiative is an organization dedicated to helping public and private organizations maximize their potential by enabling them to launch products, services, ideas and inventions to the market.

Capital is always a serious concern for early stage companies. The EI facilitates Eastern North Carolina - Investor Network meetings, where companies present to angel investors.

The EI also helps entrepreneurs network with angel investors, venture capitalists, incubators, and other entities supporting early stage innovations. With the assistance and support of over 17 sponsoring organizations the EI facilitated two annual Summit’s with internationally recognized speakers for entrepreneurs. This same support network is now organizing a Business Plan Competition for the eastern region. The EI provides an opportunity for highly innovative individuals to become informed about product development, capital resources, and how to network a large support system for their early stage products. (More info on these events provided in our Resource Link Box)

(More info on these events provided in our Resource Link Box on the Home Page)

The EI works with a few select companies each year. These companies may either be spin-ins or spin-outs.

The Team

The EI works with a few select companies each year. These companies may either be spin-ins or spin-outs.

SPIN-INS - companies or individuals from the community that need ECU research or technology assistance. They may also receive student help in preparation of investor presentations. Spin-In projects are new technologies from eastern North Carolina that are not part of ECU. These innovations are identified by the Entrepreneurial Initiative as having potential to change an industry and have an opportunity for high growth and profitability. The objective of a spin-in is to assist companies in accessing ECU resources for research and/or commercialization. While many individuals and small businesses lack resources to complete early stage analysis of commercialization, the Entrepreneurial Initiative will help locate faculty, student teams, and/or interns to assist with development of a new company by spinning the company into ECU.

SPIN-OUTS - companies developed by ECU faculty that have commercialization potential. Spin-Out projects are new technologies or research developed within ECU, where the technology is owned by ECU. These projects are eligible to apply to the Director for acceptance into the Entrepreneurial Initiative program. Upon acceptance, the Entrepreneurial Initiative will assist with research, business assistance, and other requirements to make the project successful.

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