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Other Reimbursable Expenses

A. Telephone Calls

1.      Official business phone calls are reimbursable. Long-distance calls that are to be paid by the state are those made pursuant to the employee conducting official state business.

2.      Allowable personal calls: An employee who is in travel status for two or more consecutive days in a week is allowed one personal long-distance telephone call for each 2 nights. Reimbursement to the employee may not exceed $3 for in-state calls or $5 for out-of-state calls for each call.

3.      Emergency calls: Employees may be reimbursed for personal long-distance phone call(s) if a situation of an emergency nature makes such call(s) necessary. An example would be a call made by an employee to inform someone that the travel period has been extended beyond original plans due to unforeseen circumstances. Accountable officers should review claims to establish compliance with the "emergency nature" criterion.  Employees are not allowed to charge long distance phone calls for a personal nature.

4.      Individual calls over $3 must be identified as to point of origin and destination.

5.      Personal and business calls are to be listed under "other expenses" on the travel reimbursement form and identified accordingly.

6.      Use of Telephone with Computer Hook-ups:  Employees traveling on state business who need to transmit data electronically (including email) or use of Internet for state business purposes should use the most cost-efficient manner available.  Written justification should be included in travel reimbursement package for this type of expense

B. Baggage Handling Tips

Baggage handling tips for porters at terminals and hotels may be claimed as "other expenses." Maximum baggage tip allowed is $2 per bag with a 2 bag maximum. This would allow $4 each day of arrival and departure for a total of $8.

C. Passports

Reimbursement for costs incurred in obtaining or renewing a passport may be made to an employee who, in the regular course of his or her duties, is required to travel overseas in the furtherance of official state business. Passport expenses are chargeable to the same fund that supports the employee's trip. Prior written approval from the department head is required for reimbursement