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Payment Methods


1. What are my payment options?

The following payment methods are accepted by the Cashier Office. The most significant change in payment methods are highlighted in red. ECU, as well as other UNC System schools, has elected to make these changes in an effort to increase security over credit card payments and in response to on-going budget cuts from the State of North Carolina. We regret any inconvenience.

Payment Type

Payment Methodology

Payment Location


In person

Cashier's Office


Money Order

Certified Check

In person

US Mail

Other mail package delivery services such as UPS, etc

Cashier's Office

Wire Transfer

Bank Transfer


Web Check

Online only

Pirate Port - Tuition Statements,

1098-T Statements and Payment option


Debit Cards

PIN based only

In person

Cashier's Office

Credit Cards

American Express


Master Card


Online only

Pirate Port - Tuition Statements, 1098-T Statements and Payment Option

All credit card payments will be assessed a 2.85% convenience fee.



Computer access is available in the Cashier Office and Cashier staff will be available to assist with the on-line payment process.

For more information about all payment options, please reference the Cashier Office web page at http://www.ecu.edu/cs-admin/financial_serv/cashier/Method-of-Payment.cfm .

2. "Free" Online Payment Options

Students and authorized users can pay online using E-check without incurring additional costs. Students and authorized users will be prompted to enter a valid bank routing and account number and to authorize the payment from the checking or savings account associated with the banking information provided.  Please confirm with your banking institution that the account can be used to make ACH payments.  Bank drafts returned for Non-Sufficient Funds will result in a returned check charge of $25.00 and this charge will post to the student's account.

The Cashier Office continues to accept Pin Based Debit Cards at no additional costs in the Cashier Office located at G120 Old Cafeteria.

3. How do I make payments online?

Students will log into Pirate Port using their PirateID and Passphrase. Students will then click on the "Tools" tab and select the "The Tuition Statements and Payments" link in the "Courses" box.

This will log users directly into the e-Billing web portal where users can make payments online, view eBills, and view current account activity.

4. Can I make a partial payment online?

Yes. Prior to July 6, 2010 payments made online required the full amount of the student's balance. Now the amount due will display, but the student or authorized user has the flexibility to pay any portion of the bill by typing in the amount to be paid in the space provided. Please note that students and authorized users need to verify that account balances are paid in full or secured with pending financial aid disbursements and/or other third party payments to prevent schedule cancellation.

5. Can I give online access to my eBill and student account to my parents and/or other individuals?

Yes. Once students have logged into the eBill system through ECU's Pirate Port , the student will select the "Authorized Users" link. On this page, the student will enter the authorized user's e-mail address and select what type of account access an authorized user will have. Authorized users can be given access to view billing statement and/or access to view payment history.

Once this information has been submitted, the authorized user will receive an email notification which will include the authorized user link for login , user name and password. Students can add multiple authorized users.

Please note that authorized users DO NOT have access to academic records or other personal information. In order for authorized users to receive information concerning academic records or to speak with an ECU Cashier Office representative about the account balance in detail, the Buckley Form must be completed through your Pirate Port account. For more information concerning the Buckley Form please visit http://www.ecu.edu/cs-acad/registrar/FERPA.cfm .

6. Do you charge for online payments?

Payments made online by E-check (also known as electronic check, bank draft, or ACH transfer) are not assessed a convenience fee; however, credit card payments will be charged a 2.85% convenience fee .

7. Why do you charge a convenience fee for processing credit card transactions?

The University has out-sourced credit card payment processing for tuition, fees, housing, and meal plan charges to TouchNet. To cover its operating costs associated with processing card payments and with maintaining its information and technology infrastructure, TouchNet charges a 2.85% fee on credit card transactions processed.

8. When will my online payment show on my account?

Online payments will post to the student's account immediately. Other than the convenience fee charges that will calculate at payment check out, the change in credit card processor from ECU to TouchNet should be transparent to users.

9. Is it safe to make payments online?

Yes, it is safe to make payments online through ECU's Bill Payment software. Online payment services are provided by TouchNet, a PCI-compliant software provider. The PCI Data Security Standard is a set of stringent security requirements that must be followed by any service provider (TouchNet) or merchant (ECU) accepting credit card payments. These requirements are enforced by credit card companies and are reviewed annually by a third-party auditing firm. Some of the controls in place are the use of Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL) to protect payment information as it travels over the Internet and industry-leading encryption algorithms that render card data unreadable when stored by TouchNet.

Be sure to look for the little lock at the bottom of a browser window to ensure the web site visited utilizes encryption to protect data in transit.

10. Do you accept checks online (also known as e-Checks) from a non-United States bank account?

No. Payments made online by E-check must be funded from a US bank account and must be in US dollars. The Cashier office cannot accept payments online from a foreign bank account or in foreign currency.

11. How was the 2.85% convenience fee determined?

The percentage rate for the convenience fee was determined by TouchNet as part of the outsourcing agreement for services.

12. How do I pay using my 529 Savings Plan?

Contact your 529 Plan representative to determine the requirements to release payment to the University. Typically, plans will require the completion of a withdrawal request form to indicate the amount you wish to withdraw to pay to the ECU ("University"). All payments should include your student's Banner ID number. Please be aware of the payment due dates to avoid schedule cancellation when paying through a 529 Plan. If you anticipate payment from your 529 Plan may arrive after the schedule cancellation due date, please contact the Cashier's Office before 5PM on the day of schedule cancellation to provide documentation of the anticipated funds. Documentation should clearly identify the funds from your 529 Plan are available and payment to cover the student's outstanding balance is in process. Documentation can be emailed to the Cashier's Office at cashier@ecu.edu. For further questions, you may also contact the Cashier's Office by phone at (252) 737-6886.

Make checks payable to East Carolina University (include student name and ID number) and mail to the following:

1. Standard Remittance Address (USPS):
PO BOX 603084
CHARLOTTE,NC 28260-3084

2. Overnight Remittance Address (UPS, FEDEX ONLY)

3. All scholarship checks, third party payments, and letters should be sent directly to the Cashier's Office Correspondence Address:
ECU Cashier's Office
G120 Old Cafeteria Complex
Mail Stop 230
Greenville, NC 27858-4353
Fax: (252)328-2413