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Method of Payment

The following methods of payment are accepted by ECU's Cashier Office for payment of tuition, fees, housing and dining charges.

Payment Type

Payment Methodology

Payment Location


In person

Cashier's Office


Money Order

Certified Check

In person

US Mail

Other mail package delivery services such as UPS, etc

Cashier's Office

Wire Transfer

Bank Transfer


Web Check

Online only

Pirate Port - Tuition Statements,

1098-T Statements and Payment option


Debit Cards

PIN based only

In person

Cashier's Office

Credit Cards

American Express


Master Card


Online only

Pirate Port - Tuition Statements, 1098-T Statements and Payments option

All credit card payments will be assessed a 2.85% convenience fee.



1. Installment Payment Plans: East Carolina Univeristy offers interest free installment payment plans each fall and spring semester. An installment payment plan fee is due upon enrollment each semester. Students and authorized users can sign up for a payment plan through ECU's TouchNet Bill+Payment system. Visit www.ecu.edu/cashier and select "Tuition Payment Plans" for more information.

2. Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver: The waiver is available to employees of the University System who work 3/4 time or greater, contribute to the retirement System and maintain eligible employment status the entire semester. The completed waiver form including signature approval from the appropriate authority must be delivered to the ECU Cashier Office - G120 Old Cafeteria Complex - on or before the published "last day for schedule changes" per the University's academic calendar. No waivers will be considered after this date.

3. Wire Transfer: For some students, particularly international students, wiring payments is an easy and convenient method. When wiring, it is important to realize that specific information is needed to credit your individual account with the payment. Please include the student's full name, Banner ID and a notation indicating the payment is for tuition. Failure to do so by the initiating bank may delay posting of the payment.

NOTE: There may be banking fees associated with the transfer of these funds. The student is responsible for payment of these charges.

4. Bank Bill Pay Services: ECU accepts checks for payment of tuition and fees generated from bank bill pay services. Please note this payment type does not create an instant transfer of funds between the bank and ECU Cashier's Office. Schedule your payment to arrive at ECU prior to late fee assessment and schedule cancellation dates. Usually, there is not a remittance advice provided with the check, so please include the student's name and Banner ID in the memo section of the check if possible. Also email the cashier office at cashier@ecu.edu to notify the office of the scheduled bill payment. The Cashier Office's mailing address for bill pay services is:

ECU Tuition Payments

PO BOX 603084

Charlotte, NC 28260-3084

5. Third Party Payments: Students whose tuition, fees, housing, and dining will be paid by a third party source must notify the Student Accounting Office at (252) 328-5618 or by fax at (252) 737-2440. To be considered a third party payment, the student must have an authorization form from the third party that must include the student name, student ID, the term (time period covered), the type of charges covered, and the total amount the third party will pay. These types of payments require a billing statement from the University in order to be paid.

Examples include, but are not limited to: Federal and State National Guard Tuition Assistance, Vocational Rehabilitation, Prepaid Savings Accounts, Other US Government Military (Air Force, Army, Navy), and ROTC-Army and Air Force.

Please note students must pay any charges not covered by the third party authorization by the late fee and schedule cancellation dates for each semester. Students also remain responsible for all charges on their account until payment is received from the third party. Third Parties are expected to remit payment within 30 days of the billing date on the third party invoice . If your third party fails to pay the agreed amount within 90 days of the billing date, you will be responsible for paying all charges on your account.

6. Schedules must be paid in full to be protected against cancellation for non-payment. To be considered paid in full, the ECU Cashier Office takes into account Federal Financial Aid that has been awarded, accepted and shows in "Memo" or "Authorized" status and all other payment types referenced above as long as all payment methods are received or notated on student accounts prior to the late fee assessment and schedule cancellation dates. Payments not received by the close of business - usually 5:00 pm - on late fee assessment or schedule cancellation date will result in the application of late fees and/or schedule cancellation for non-payment.