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How to use e~Print: Advanced
This guide provides details on how to download an e~Print report into MS ® Word.


Saving E~Print Reports

1.)   RIGHT MOUSE CLICK on the "Text" icon by the report you want to download to your PC.

2.)    Select "Save Target As. .." and another window will open that will allow you to pick the               location, on your PC where youwant to save the file (i.e., C:\Temp) and click on ".S.ave."                            Note: You have the option to rename the file at this point, if you wish.

3.)    Close the "Download Complete" window.

4.)    Open the saved file in Microsoft Word.

5.)    At the "File Conversion" screen choose the "Plain Text" file encoding and click on "OK."Note: If you do not get this screen, go on to Step #6.