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Evisions’ IntelleCheck

IntelleCheck is ECU’s check writing software.  This software is only available to staff that write checks for the University.

Evisions’ FormFusion

At this time, FormFusion is being rolled out to Materials Management and AP.  The Evisions Administrator will be coordinating the installation of the FormFusion software with the Banner HR & Student Project Managers. If you have any questions about FormFusion or whether or not you need this software, contact Leo McNeil at

Follow the below installation steps to install FormFusion onto your desktop.

1.   Go to and log into the OneStop with your pirate id and passphrase.  Click on the Banner Finance Security Form link. You will need to fill out the Security Access Form and select “Requested” in the Evisions Access drop down.  Once you are approved for Evisions access, you may continue with the installation steps below.

2.      For FormFusion to run you need the Oracle run time client installed on your PC.  You can get the Oracle Run time client by clicking on this link (the link will go to Gary Cobb’s Oracle ODS Run Time Client).  This process will install the run time client as well as create an ODBC connection to the REPT database on your PC.  Ignore the REPT ODBC connection that is installed onto your PC.  That is not needed for FormFusion to run.

3.  Right click on the task bar at the bottom of your screen and select TASK MANAGER.  In the Windows Task Manager select processes at the top.  Then make sure that “show processes from all users” at the bottom of processes is checked.  Now left click on "CPU" at the top of the processes list.  This list is all the jobs that are currently running on your workstation. 

4.  Then do START, RUN, and then type in the popup box \\Piratedrive\Evisions\FormFusion.  Then select OK.  This should open a window with an icon called “FORMFUSION16_INSTALL.exe”.

3.  Double click on this icon.  After a few seconds, you should see a process startup in the processes part of the task manager.  This process will run for 1 minute depending on network activity.  

4.  When the process finishes it will pop up a window stating that you need to reboot your PC.  Select OK to restart your PC.  After you have signed back onto the network you should see a FormFusion Developer Client icon on your desktop.

5.  You are now ready to develop FormFusion templates.  If you need assistance developing your templates, please visit Evisions’ FormFusion tutorials at  If you would like formal training for this software, please contact Scotty Stroup at