Welcome to Financial Services at East Carolina University
Financial Services Mission Statement

Financial Services


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Mission Statement
To provide for the financial needs of the University and its Foundations
in a customer-oriented, friendly environment while assuring the proper stewardship of all fiscal resources.

Servicing and improving individual and University programs, systems, and operations
through providing quality financial planning, accounting service, financial information, financial assistance, systems improvements and value-oriented services.

Satisfying our customers financial and accounting needs
through attention and responsiveness to management's requests.

Building our resource base and economic strength
through skillful and designed application of our financial, technological and human resources.

Enhancing the effectiveness and value of our University and its related foundations
by providing professional and personal growth opportunities to Financial Services team members and exerting positive leadership and creativity in the financial operations of the University.

Providing training, compliance education, and support
to meet the financial needs of our constituents.

Our Financial Services Office Values Follow

Integrity:  honesty and credibility in all relationships, both as individuals and as an office and University. 
Excellence:  superior quality, high standards and good taste in all services, reports and programs.
Service:   meeting the needs of the University user, federal and state regulatory agencies, and all users of our services from the viewpoint of those we serve. 
Leadership:  providing noteworthy examples, which emphasize high ethical and moral standards.
Sensitivity:  a sincere and caring attitude coupled with dignified and professional treatment.
Competence:  perform duties in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.