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PCI Compliance Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for payment card processing (Merchant ID) for my department?

Call Robin Mayo in Financial Services at 737-4729 for instructions.

Who do I contact regarding PCI Compliance issues?

For compliance questions, call Robin Mayo, E-Commerce Manager at 737-4729.

I'm considering changes that will affect payment card processing. Whom do I contact?

Contact Robin Mayo, E-Commerce Manager, at 737-4729.

How do I know if my department is PCI compliant?

The results of the annual Self Assessment Questionnaires and monthly security scans will determine compliance.

My department stores cardholder data. How long should we retain it?

Cardholder data should only be retained for the length of time the information is required for business purposes. This may vary from department to department and should be determined by the department's business need and other legal requirements.

How do I dispose of cardholder data?

Once the business need for the data has expired, dispose of the data via shredding with a cross-cut shredder or via a certified shredding service. NEVER throw the data in the trash.