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Instructions to access PORT (SciQuest)

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Instructions to Access PORT (SciQuest):


Congratulations you have been approved for Banner access! The following procedures should be followed once PORT has been activated in OneStop.  A message will be sent out via “Announce” to let you know that you may proceed with PORT registration once the OneStop activation has occurred.   The following procedures will apply:


§ To initiate your PORT user set up, go to Onestop and click on the PORT link under Job Related Tools   (You will not be able to gain access to PORT at this time and will receive an email indicating you have been created as a pending PORT user


§   The PORT administrators will also be notified via email that you are requesting access to PORT


§   When the PORT administrators have validated that you have attended training, they will approve your pending user profile in PORT and you will be notified by email.


§  You will not be able to log into PORT until you receive this approval notification on or about January 9th


§   Once you have been approved for PORT access, you will be able to sign on into Onestop and gain entry into PORT via the PORT link under Job Related Tools.