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Accounting Services is responsible for ensuring that service centers are in compliance with applicable governmental regulations and sound accounting principles. The office responsibilities include:

  • Oversight of existing service centers regarding rate calculations and financial operations related to providing goods and/or services to users.

  • Reviewing and approving all requests to establish new service centers.

  • Maintaining an inventory of services and rates.

  • Reviewing and approving rate forms submitted by service centers, confirming compliance with Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards.

What is a service center?

Service centers are specialized research facilities, animal research facilities, and other specialized technical facilities organized to provide specific goods and/or services to support internal users of the University. Service centers may provide goods and/or services to external users on a limited and incidental basis. Service centers support users with access to infrastructure, technologies, and services that are often beyond the technical or financial capability of individual investigators. Research differs from service center activities, in that research is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

Service centers charge the costs of goods and/or services directly to users based on (1) established billing rates, as reviewed and approved by Financial Services, and (2) the actual usage of the services. For internal users, rates charged for a good or service are based on actual direct costs, are consistently applied, and do not discriminate as to the type of sponsored funding. Service centers must charge all users for goods and/or services provided.

Policy, Rule, and Regulation

There is specific University regulation pertaining to service centers. All service centers must comply with Service Centers PRR (Pending) which provides a comprehensive reference for uniform interpretation of the conditions under which East Carolina University may establish a service center, develop user rate calculations, and ensure compliance with sound accounting principles and governmental regulations.

Standard Operating Procedures

There are specific standard operating procedures related to the service centers. The Service Center Standard Operating Procedures Manual is available to new and existing service centers. The manual includes topics such as establishing a new service center, federal compliance regulation, business plans, roles and responsibilities, rate setting and utilization, allowable and unallowable costs, billing and accounting best practices, operation reserve balances, record retention, and ECU contacts.

Roles and Responsibilities

Service Center Departmental Administrator

  • Contact Financial Services for initiating development of a service center. Submit request to establish a fund to account for the revenues and expenditures of the service center.
  • Meet with Financial Services for assistance with user rate development and subsequent review and approval on a routine base. Meet at least annually, or sooner, when a material event occurs that will create a material deficit or surplus.
  • Use the Service Center Standard Operating Procedures Manual for the fiscal operations and compliance with sound accounting principles and governmental regulations.

Department Chair and Dean or Associate Dean, and Vice Chancellor or Associate Vice Chancellor

  • Review and approve the establishment of a new service center prior to submission to Financial Services.
  • Departmental Chairs and Associate Deans review and approve new rates and periodic rate changes.



Accounting Services offers Service Center training opportunity through Cornerstone:

Service Center 101 - Intended for individuals that have a role in service center administration who desire to obtain a better understanding of related federal, state, and university rules, regulations, and procedure requirements.

You may register for this course at the HR Cornerstone Site . (Pending)

Forms and Templates

As indicated in the Service Center Standard Operating Procedures Manual, there are forms and templates to be used by service center administrators for establishing a new service center and for annual rate development, submission, and approval:

Service Center Business Plan template
Service Center Application/Renewal Form
Rate Development Workbook
Request for Services Form
Service Center Log
Revenue Analysis Form

Please contact Tereasa Hopkins for these forms.


Tereasa Hopkins, CPA, CGMA Cost Analyst
2511 Greenville Centre
Greenville, NC 27858