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Financial Services Strategic Plan

Financial Services


Strategic Planning Goals

Goal 3: Increase the productivity of faculty, staff, and students in research and creative activity.

Goal 3G. Strengthen the infrastructure that supports the application for and  implementation of Grants and Contracts

1)      Co-location of Office of Sponsored Programs and Grants

2)      User friendly RPT for PI to manage Grants

3)      Document Pre and Post award process for continuous improvement

-Eliminate duplication

-Form and work with user groups

-Policy committee

4)      Prepare for next indirect cost negotiation

5)      Prepare for federal audit


Goal 5: Be a leader in the development and application of information technology in higher


Goal 5C. Re-design its administrative processes to be electronic-based rather than paper-

            based.  (Joint effort with ITCS)

1)      WEB utilization

2)      Imaging

3)      Electronic Reports – Data Warehouse

4)   Upgrade SCT


Goal 5D. Provide faculty, students, and staff with appropriate access to state-of-the-art services and technological infrastructure. (Submitted to ITCS)


1)      PC Lease for 2 years (for CIS)

2)      Technical infrastructure that will support administrative systems

-WEB, application system, data warehouse (for CIS)

3)      Standard industry software applications – university wide (For CIS)

Goal 6: Improve the quality and efficiency of its services and operations.

Goal 6A. Adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement with a focus on customer service.

1)      Develop AVCSFS Mission Statement

2)      Cross training

-Job rotation

3)      Internship Program

4)      Form customer focus groups

-Customer feedback

-Create list

-Comments/Survey Process

5)      Enhance staff and customer training programs


Goal 6B.Access and re-engineer its administrative and service processes to improve efficiency and quality.

1)      ECU Foundation

2)      HR/Payroll – Timesheets – Time/Effort

3)      Budget

4)      Pre/Post Award

5)      Compliance of Financial Reporting – Process/Schedule GASB 33,34,35

6)      Form quality improvement team – partnerships

-Consolidate scholarship distribution activity

-Centralized Student Employment Office

7)      Quit writing checks to ourselves

8)      Centralization of Cash Management

9)      Travel process

10)  Consolidation of Banking activity

11) Electronic Notification of Deposit


Goal 6C.Establish benchmarks and targets for improvements of its various activities.

1)                  Tie to process document in Goal 6B


-ECU Foundation




-Student Services

2)                  Customer service index


Goal 6D.Develop and implement a multi-year financial planning process.

1)                  Budget Process – Institutional Planning

2)                  Include Auxiliary Units in this process


Goal 6E.Establish clear priorities for the focused investment of existing and new resources.

                        1)         Establish projects and programs consistent with strategic plan and resource                                            availability

2)         Look at accounts for university and foundation investments to maximize return

3)                  Manage ACC list.


Goal 6F. Explore and implement alternative work styles, evaluation criteria, and rewards for its


1)      Explore possible rewards for suggested improvements

2)      Flex-Time

3)      Dress-down day


Goal 6G. Expand its hours of service and accessibility to meet the needs of its changing student


1)      Continue to look at start-up committee feedback for hours to meet the needs                             of student body.

2)      Billing/Registration/Payments on Web

3)      Drop Boxes

4)      Direct Deposit of excess Financial Aid

5)      Add Deferment and cancellation forms to web site

6)      Email or Web based system for conducting Exit Interviews


Goal 6H.Strengthen its infrastructure for securing and administering external financial support.

1)      Streamline, communicate and train staff on business policies

2)      Enable and Train University staff to manage financial resources


Goal 6I.Enhance its outreach efforts to its alumni.

1)                  Reports to donors

2)                  Use financial report as a marketing tool




Related Division Priority

Start Date

End Date

Cost Estimate

Funding Source

Responsible Dept

Measurement Method

Prepare for Next Indirect Cost Negotiation

Goal 3G



In process

Overhead Receipts

Financial Services 

Negotiation Success

Data Warehouse

Goal 5C



In process

ITCS/  To be determined

Financial Services/ ITCS 

Customer Satisfaction Index

Upgrade SCT Systems

Goal 5C



In process

ITCS/ to be determined

Financial Svcs/ ITCS

Project Plan/ Actual

Enhance Staff and Customer Training Programs

Goal 6A



Not started


Fin Svcs/ HR

Customer Satisfaction Index

Form Quality Improvement Teams/ Partnerships

Goal 6B





Initially – Financial Services

Process Efficiencies and Effectiveness

5 Year Budget Process

Goal 6D





Administration & Finance/ Institutional Planning & Research

Producing an effective Budget Model

Direct Deposit of Excess Financial Aid

Goal 6G





Financial Services

Customer Satisfaction Index

Rewarding Employees for suggested improvements

Goal 6F


On -going



HR/Financial Services

Program establishment