Information Technology Governance

IT Accessibility

IRCC subcommittee. The Information Technology Accessibility Committee advises the university on IT accessibility. Its overarching goal is to provide IT accessibility governance and equitable access to all faculty, staff and students. This committee reviews, develops and prioritizes goals annually based on risk and cost. The committee also monitors and evaluates the progress made on these goals annually. The committee reports to the IRCC and provides a bi-annual report to the CIO and Provost on goals, progress and risk.

Initial Committee Goals:

  1. Charter review
  2. Goal and priority development
  3. Priority report to the Provost, CIO and IRCC for input
  4. Monitoring and progress evaluation process development

Wendy Creasey
Director, Academic Technologies
Information Technology & Computing Services

Liz Johnston
ADA Coordinator
Department for Disability Support Services

R. Clint Bailey
Director, Marketing Strategy
Creative Services

John Belflower
Associate University Attorney

Kevin Carraway
Director, Materials Management

Jo Lynne Daughtry
Manager, Web Applications
Academic Technologies
Information Technology and Computing Services

Angela Dresselhaus
Teaching Assistant Professor
Joyner Library
Academic Library Services

Timm Hackett
Department of English
Chair, Distance Education and Learning Tech Committee

Elizabeth Ketterman
Associate Professor
Health Sciences Library

Laura King
Associate Professor, College of Education
Director, Irene Howell Assistive Technology Center

Jean Merenda
Technology Support Analyst
College of Allied Health

Wayne Poole
Associate Director
Office of Internal Audit

Sam Saunders
Technology Support Analyst
Department of Athletics/Athletic Video

Kate Scarabelli
Equity Compliance and Case Manager
Office of Equity and Diversity

Ginny Sconiers
Manager, Learning Platforms
Academic Technologies
Information Technology and Computing Services

Michael Thompson
Assistive Technology Consultant
Department for Disability Support Services

Kitty Wetherington
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Human Resources

Phillip White
IT Accessibility
Information Technology and Computing Services

Tim Wiseman
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Enterprise Risk Management

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