Pirate Colors

The official school colors for ECU - purple and gold - date back to 1909 and were selected by a committee of students. Below is a list of color selections for ECU trademarks by acceptable color model.

Pantone: PMS 268
Hexadecimal: 592A8A
CMYK: 86-100-0-12
RGB: 89-42-138
Madeira: 1122

Pantone: PMS 109U
Hexadecimal: FFC702
CMYK: 0-14-96-0
RGB: 255-199-2
Madeira: 1024

*On coated paper, Gold preferences are PMS 123, Hex #FDC82F, CMYK 0-21-88-0, and RGB 253-200-47.

Accent Colors



Pantone: White
Hexadecimal: FFFFFF
CMYK: 0-0-0-0
RGB: 255-255-255

Pantone: Black
Hexadecimal: 000000
CMYK: 75-68-67-90
RGB: 0-0-0

Pantone: PMS 728
Hexadecimal: D3A985
CMYK: 17-34-50-0
RGB: 211-169-133
Madeira: 1055

NOTE: At times, an expanded color palette or colors outside of the core palette is necessary. Examples would be the occasional use of a unique uniform, like those that support special initiatives such as breast cancer or honoring U.S. military service members. Although acceptable for special situations, utilizing colors outside of the primary color palette is not intended for long-term use. Retail branding has seasonal palette flexibility and when used correctly, will complement the primary color palette utilized by ECU Athletics.

Trademarks of ECU may appear as shown throughout the licensing site. They should appear only as shown or otherwise permitted by the trademark licensing office. One color marks may appear in purple, gold, black, or white, allowing for a variety of background color options.