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Athletics Licensing Standards

Primary Identifiers
Any use of all marks requires written approval prior to production. The name and marks of East Carolina University are controlled under a licensing program administered through the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC).

Primary Marks
The Primary Marks include the official Pirates, Word, and Pirate Head marks. The small, italicized text (EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY) on the Pirates mark may be deleted for embroidery, print, or when on a purple background. It may also be changed to white, black, or gold. This also applies to the small, italicized text (UNIVERSITY) on the Word mark.
The Pirate Head and Word marks may appear on any color background.
Pirates Mark
Pirates Mark, Full Color
Word Mark
Word Mark, Full Color
Pirate Head Mark
Pirate Head Mark, Full Color
Pirates Mark
Pirates Mark, One Color
Word Mark
Word Mark, One Color
Pirate Head Mark
Pirate Head Mark, One Color