What made you choose ECU?

With my background in the business world, it’s been my dream to study in a business school to convert my experiences to knowledge. But moving around the world frequently makes it impossible to study on campus. ECU’s unique and competitive online program provides a great opportunity for people like me who can’t study face-to-face to accomplish this dream. Currently I’m living in Beijing and have a full time job, but I’m still able to achieve the goal of earning my MBA, all thanks to ECU’s great online program!

Tell us about your current job.

I work as a key account director in Lenovo Software. I'm directing an account manager team to explore new customers and to maintain relationships with existing customers. I identify needs of customers to help them implement or improve their corporation information system such as the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing my work and life experience with them. I’m the happiest when I see my account managers improving and when I know I have helped customers’ companies to work more efficiently.

How has working on your MBA been beneficial to your career thus far?

I’ve really been utilizing the knowledge I have gained through the MBA program at work. I learned “money is not a motivator” in Dr. Amy McMillan’s Organizational Behavior class, and I changed the strategies for motivating my staff accordingly. The knowledge I learned from Dr. Haozhe Chen helped me to build a vendor control strategy. I even helped my husband with the knowledge from Dr. Tope Bello’s Comparative Management when he was merging developing teams from the United States, Japan, and China.

What do you like about the ECU online MBA program?

Everyone around me here in Beijing knows how challenging ECU’s online classes are, and everyone around me knows how much I love it! I spent a good amount of time researching about online MBAs before I chose ECU. I didn't want just a degree. I needed the knowledge. I’m glad I chose ECU because the professors are detailed, thorough, and do a great job of teaching the knowledge in different forms. I don't see my classmates face-to-face, but we can have discussions via virtual classes and discussion boards.

How does ECU help prepare students for their careers?

ECU has experienced, knowledgeable professors. ECU also helps to equip us with the professional knowledge we’ll use in the workplace. The university is a supportive and warm community, and the confidence it helps us to build is a necessity for success in our professional careers. ECU is full of passion. It teaches us to be positive and to always pursue our dreams.

What is your best ECU memory?

My family and I visited ECU’s campus at the end of May during my business trip to Research Triangle Park. Dr. Haozhe Chen was very welcoming to me and my family. The campus is definitely beautiful, even more beautiful than the impressive pictures I saw before visiting. We enjoyed the scenery surrounding the fountain the most. We received such a warm welcome by Dr. Haozhe Chen that the campus didn't feel strange at all. I felt a feeling of “That's my school!” When I saw the pirate statue, I suddenly understood why I liked ECU so much. The adventurous and never give up spirit of ECU resonates with my own personality perfectly.

It’s a pity that we visited the campus during summer break, so I didn’t get to meet other professors or my classmates. But I was still excited to see the nametags on my professors’ office doors.

How has being a Pirate changed you?

I became more focused on community supporting. One important thing I have learned from ECU is to try to create opportunities for others to learn and improve. By helping others, you are lifting up the whole community.