Meet Our Students

What made you choose ECU?

I chose ECU because I had always heard good things about it from friends I knew who had attended. But another reason I really liked it was the location. I thought it was perfect—just far enough away from home to get the experience of really living on my own but also close enough that I could go home if I needed to. And after being here for four years I can really say that that has been the case. ECU is pretty close to everything. You can even go to the beach if you want.

Your best ECU memory?

When my girlfriends and I took a road trip to Memphis this year to watch the Pirates play in the Liberty Bowl. It’s the only time I’ve gotten to go to one of our bowl games. We drove 13 hours each way and we had an absolute blast. We did it all—went to the ECU pep rally, Liberty Bowl parade, and the game. There were Pirates everywhere in Memphis. And even though we didn’t win the game it was still really fun just to go and see so many Pirates in one place outside of Greenville. We got there on New Year’s Eve and we went out to Beale Street where they do a big New Year’s Eve celebration. It was like Times Square except they dropped a guitar instead of a ball. It was crazy. Pirates everywhere screaming purple and gold.

How has ECU prepared you for your future?

In fall 2008, the Advanced Studio Production class began producing a studio show called “Art’s Thread” that was a wonderful learning experience for me. We wanted to do “Art’s Thread” because the School of Communication is part of the College of Fine Arts and Communication and everyone sees examples from the other schools through plays, concerts, and exhibits, but they don’t really see much come out of our school. With “Art’s Thread,” we show how all the schools are related. We interviewed professors and artists who are related to the college and asked them for their ideas about art. It was an excellent chance to use the studio located in Joyner Library. As a producer I was responsible for communicating between our professor and the crew (which was made up completely of students), lining up guests, and basically keeping track of what everyone was working on. Hopefully the show will become a permanent fixture of the communication department because it is a tremendous opportunity to learn about studio production.