What made you choose ECU?

I really enjoyed the positive energy the first time I visited campus. The school’s spirit is contagious; everyone seemed proud to be at East Carolina University. There was something about the entire school that made me feel more like an individual and less like a number, which was an impression I didn't get from other big universities.

Tell me about studying engineering at ECU.

When I decided that engineering was something I really wanted to do, I looked within the state for my options because I really wanted to stay in North Carolina. I chose ECU engineering over NCSU engineering because of the size of the program. A bigger program would have so many students, which makes it difficult to make yourself known and to stand out and get that personalized attention. Since ECU engineering has fewer students, I think that makes the quality of instruction a lot higher. I also really liked the enthusiasm the engineering faculty demonstrated when I talked to them about the major, which actually sold me on the challenge of studying engineering.

What is your best ECU memory?

My best memory would have to be the first time I climbed outside on an Adventure Program trip. All my experience had been with inside climbing, which is kind of limiting. I'd never had the opportunity to climb on real rock before, nor did I have the knowledge to do it safely. Getting to the top of my first climb and being able to see for twenty miles out was an unparalleled experience, and I've been hooked ever since. I wish that everyone would participate in the activities offered through the Adventure Program. The staff makes the adventure trips very exciting and there is always a lot of positive energy.

Upon graduating, what will you miss most about ECU?

Definitely the people. ECU attracts individuals from all backgrounds, so it's almost impossible to not find interesting and culturally diverse people to spend your time with. Between my employers, coworkers, and friends, the people I've met in the past two years are responsible for most of my personal growth. I can only hope to have contributed to their personal improvement, too.

Anything else you would want people to know about you?

This past winter break, I was bored and thought that instead of sleeping all the time, I might as well pick up a skill I’ve always wanted to learn. So, I taught myself how to solve a Rubik’s Cube in a week. I found that eventually, once you get into a rhythm, you can solve it extremely fast. My fastest time for solving the Rubik’s Cube is fifty-seven seconds.