Meet Our Students

You are a resident assistant in Tyler Hall. What is that like?

It’s been an interesting experience. It’s really fun, but it’s also challenging because I like to be very involved with school. I have to balance the duties of what is basically a 24-hour-a-day job with everything else that I like to do. My favorite part of being an RA is programming for my residents. It allows me to interact with them in a positive way. The other part of my job involves making sure that residents follow the rules of the university. The biggest thing with being an RA is setting the boundaries in the beginning. This is my job. We can have fun, we can go out to the dining hall occasionally, and I can show you what organizations I’m in—things like that. But if you break a policy, I’m going to write you up! Most of the time, they are very small violations that I have to deal with. My residents in Tyler are great.

What is your role in campus safety?

Every RA undergoes safety training. We constantly stress safety to our residents, making sure they understand the dangers associated with ‘tailgating.’ Tailgating is when an unauthorized person follows someone into a building. We tell our residents to be mindful of tailgating and to not let unauthorized people into the residence halls. We also receive training provided by the Cleary Act, which is a federal law that requires all colleges and universities to keep and disclose information about any crime committed on campus. So, if something were to happen in a residence hall, we know how to make sure it is properly reported and that the student body is made aware.

What are the advantages of living on campus?

When you’re on campus, you’re in the hub, you’re in the mix. You always know something that’s going on. And if you don’t, there’s always someone on campus who can tell you. When you live on campus, you might just go outside your residence hall, and they’ll be people sitting around. It’s like a cook-out all the time. You can just walk up and start up a conversation. Our students are very friendly, it’s so easy to meet people and get to know them. When you live off campus you don’t always get that.