How does ECU help prepare students for their careers?

There are so many lectures and guest speakers on campus dedicated to leadership and career development. Every student on campus should take advantage of these opportunities to prepare for the next step in their lives.

As a senior, what is your best memory from the past four years?

My best memory would have to be studying in Botswana through ECU’s study-abroad program. I stayed there for four months and took classes at the university. I had the opportunity to start a research project about an indigenous African language there. In Botswana, they have 28 different languages. While there, I got to work with the professor who is the authority on Khoisan languages—the language I study. With him, I was able to actually go out in the field to find informants and interview them to transcribe the language, which is called Kua, into English and Setswana, the major language in Botswana.

That’s so fascinating! Tell me more about what you learned by studying in a foreign country.

Studying in Botswana was an experience I will never forget. I definitely encourage any student who goes to ECU to take advantage of study-abroad opportunities. One of my favorite parts of studying abroad was getting to know students from the University of Botswana, hanging out with them, and discovering similarities. At first, it seems like students in another country have such a different way of life, but you soon realize that we are not really that different. Students there like to hang out with their friends. They hang out in the library or in the cafeteria. They also like the same music that I like a lot of times.

What are your plans for the future?

I will attend Florida International University to pursue my master’s degree in African and African Diaspora studies and eventually hope to obtain my PhD in anthropology. I want to go as far as I can with my education. I really love school and learning.

I am really excited to graduate, but of course it is a little bittersweet because I really do love ECU and being a part of the campus. The Department of Anthropology is so comprehensive. It covers everything from biological, cultural, archaeology, to medical and prepares students for anything they want to accomplish in the future. When I chose Florida International University, I was really looking for a program where I could specialize in African American studies but also keep my anthropology background.