Meet our students

What are you majoring in and what are your future career goals?

I am double majoring in health education and promotion with a concentration in pre-health professions and Hispanic studies. My goal is to be a pediatric oncologist in a Spanish-speaking community or country. I have loved Spanish forever. I’ve loved everything about it—the culture, art, the language itself. I did missions trips, so I got to see the different cultures and meet Hispanic-speaking people. The places that I went were poverty stricken. They don’t have access to quality health care, so it just became a tug on my heart that I want to reach out to them because they are fantastic people. Their love for their culture is astonishing to me and it’s something that really draws me to them. I want to provide health care for them.

What is your favorite ECU memory?

Honestly, I made so many wonderful memories last year in my first year as president of Colleges Against Cancer, with the members of the organization, the people we met, and the survivors we were privileged enough to work with. From survivor dinners we were part of, to pediatric-oncology survivor events we participated in, to Relay for Life at ECU and in the community. I have met fantastic people and I’ve been really encouraged and inspired. Everyone’s full of passion and fire and is so bright and warm.

What is Colleges Against Cancer?

Colleges Against Cancer is an organization on campus affiliated with the American Cancer Society office. We do a lot of work to promote their objectives and mission on campus. Our four objectives are survivorship, advocacy, education, and Relay for Life. Any event or activity we do, we try to involve at least one of those objectives. We do the Relay for Life Event on campus. We do a lot of cancer education; childhood cancer awareness month is September. We will be doing education in local schools and volunteering at the hospital. We volunteer at Hope Lodge over at the American Cancer Society office. We do fund-raising efforts for our organization and also for the American Cancer Society. All of their services are free to the patients and families, so their money comes solely from fundraising efforts.

What would you tell a prospective student about ECU?

It’s important to look at a school you are thinking about attending. Do research, ask questions, be curious, research all avenues, and meet people at freshman orientation. This is a phenomenal school, and I think everyone should go here. There is no other school out there that will give you a one-of-a-kind education, provide you with endless resources for academic, personal, and professional growth and development, foster the kind of school spirit and unity that is indescribable, and send you off with wonderful friends and even better memories. There is no better fit for me than ECU and if those are things that you're looking for, there will be no better fit for you. GO PIRATES! ARRRRRGH!

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