Meet Our Students

How did you become interested in construction management?

I've been involved with Skills USA, a national trade and industrial club, for the past six years.

 It’s how I got interested in construction.

I have competed multiple times in framing competitions at the state and national levels. For competitions, I need to read building plans and use my construction knowledge to complete the project, which normally consists of a floor system, four walls, and roof system. My first year I competed at the state level, and I placed 22nd out of 63, and I was the only female. Last year I ended up qualifying for nationals in the post-secondary category and finished ninth in the nation.

How is ECU's Department of Construction Management preparing you for a career?

It is preparing me in many ways. Apart from the classroom work, I will get hands-on construction experience working on a Habitat for Humanity house in the area. I'm learning about green building, which is going to be a big part of the industry in the future, and I recently received approval for an undergraduate research project on the uses of BIM (building information management) software systems. BIM software helps builders manage projects and provide more accurate estimates. I’m going to compare modeled information from the BIM software against actual estimates that have been made on projects that have already been built to see if the BIM results are better. I’d also like to do a small simulation on my own, complete with a scale model of the finished building.

What would you tell someone considering ECU?

Take the opportunities that the school has to offer, because opportunities only come around once in a lifetime. I would also tell them to not get caught up in the crowd, and to look upon people not for what they appear to be, but for what they are, and for what they could be if only given the opportunity.