Meet our students

What made you choose ECU?

I loved ECU the minute I came for my campus tour. I applied to nine different schools and I visited every single one of them. As I compared the universities, I considered the strength of their nutrition program, their commitment to students and community, and the opportunities available to students to develop personal and professional skills. East Carolina was the first school I visited, and I left my campus tour knowing that East Carolina was the right fit for me.

East Carolina University also puts an emphasis on leadership and student development. Before starting school, I knew I wanted to get involved in a leadership program. The Center for Student Leadership and Civic Engagement offers many programs and resources to help students discover and develop their unique leadership skills. Since starting school, I have gotten involved in many programs through the center and have learned how I can be a leader around campus and in my daily decisions.

What are some of the things you are proud of at ECU?

I am proud that East Carolina is a service-oriented university. East Carolina’s school motto is Servire, meaning “To Serve.” This motto is “alive” in students, faculty, and staff. It’s a motto that’s lived out daily; it’s not just posted on a board. The university offers many opportunities for all of us at ECU to serve not only on campus, but also in the Greenville community. I am passionate about volunteering and am grateful that East Carolina instills the importance of giving in its students.

Tell me about your major and future career goals.

My major is nutrition and dietetics. Growing up, I was always interested in reading articles about nutrition. I was interested in health, but I love to eat on top of that. I thought nutrition would be great because I can incorporate my love for eating with learning how to make the foods I love healthier. I can also teach other people about food and how to be healthy, prevent diseases, and about lifestyle changes. I also want to go to Physician Assistant school. I have been studying orthopedics right now and have been shadowing a PA for a little over a year at Orthopedics East in Greenville. I love it. I get to see both the clinical side of a PA job and also going into surgery—seeing total joint replacements, broken bones, and traumas. It’s really interesting; a great learning experience.

Upon graduating, what will you miss most about ECU?

I will miss all of my friends. Also, all of the resources you have as a student are unlimited. Anything is possible, and there are so many opportunities available on and off campus. There are different programs, clubs, activities, workshops, and speakers. You can go learn about anything you are interested in. College is the time for exploring interests and growing into your own identity. After graduation, you have to find those resources somewhere else.

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