Meet Our Students

You already have one bachelor’s degree from ECU, but you reenrolled to get a second. Why?

There is a direct correlation between interior design, which I am studying now, and what my first degree is in, wood design. For my first degree I built a lot of furniture, and I really enjoyed it. But, after I graduated, I got a job at a custom furniture company and I saw firsthand how hard it is to make a living building furniture. One of our major clients was an interior designer, and I learned a little bit about the interior design field, and decided I wanted to learn more. I knew I would need to learn industrial skills like CAD drawings and things like that to have a career as an interior designer. So the summer after I graduated with my fine arts degree, I reenrolled in one of the best interior design programs in the state right here at ECU.

Have you always wanted to work in the design field?

My whole family is full of designers of some variety. My brother is a graphic designer, my aunt is a product designer, and my uncle is an engineer. I think design is really just about how you look at things. I come from a different background than many students here, so I see things a little bit different. You could put an apple on a table and I’ll interpret it different than someone else might because of what I have experienced in my past and my culture. I was born in Hong Kong, but I’ve lived here in Greenville since I was five. My family is very traditional and I still have strong roots to where I come from. I am proud of my heritage and I think it makes me unique and different. It definitely comes through in my designs.

You are a self-described B-boy. What is that?

A B-boy is someone who illustrates their life through the interpretation of music and movement in the form of break-dancing. It’s similar to design in that regard. Different people interpret things in different ways and it is reflected in their designs. Dance is the same. A lot of people break dance, but B-boys embrace the culture. I started break-dancing after a few years of training in martial arts because, you know, girls like guys who can dance. I really embrace what dance is, and I try to fully understand the artistry of it. A few years ago there were a couple of guys on campus that started a break-dancing club and after they graduated I took the club to SGA and had it recognized by the university. We are called “Style of Motion” and we represent ECU at competitions all across the state.