Meet Our Students

What is your best ECU memory?

My best memory at ECU is from my freshman year. I was walking back from class and held in my hand two acceptance letters. One was from the admissions office and the other was from the ECU Alumni Association. They were for positions as an ECU Ambassador and an orientation assistant. I remember calling my mom and being ecstatic on the phone. She told me, “This is it! This is the beginning of your college career!” Those words have always stuck in my head. It’s amazing to look back on the positive things I’ve done, experienced, and accomplished.

Such as?

This past homecoming, ECU Ambassadors competed in a series of challenges against other organizations on campus. We built a float for the homecoming parade, performed a skit at the pep rally, decorated the lawn of the alumni house, and collected canned goods for a food drive. We won each competition! I’m so proud to be part of a group where we work so hard, together, to show our pride for our school.

What made becoming a Pirate so important to you?

Aside from the gorgeous campus, wide variety of majors, and numerous campus organizations, I picked ECU because of its culture. I felt an immediate connection to the university during my first visit. There is an immense sense of Pirate Pride around the community, the professors are enthusiastic and personable, and ECU is renowned for its accomplishments. And to think—it’s only 100 years old.