What made you choose ECU?

I have to admit that I was slow to realize that ECU was the right place for me. Being active in art in high school, my teachers all throughout encouraged me to come here. I was stubborn and did not apply to ECU as a senior in high school and instead spent my first year at NC State as a psychology major. I realized in October of my freshman year that I wanted a degree in art. ECU is renowned for its teaching of the arts. From there it was a no-brainer that ECU was the place for me, and I wasted no time in applying and contacting the adviser in the fine arts school.

ECU is so strong academically in a variety of areas, and I believe that is something that should be celebrated. I absolutely know that ECU is a great school and is the one for me. Each day I am challenged creatively and academically.

What makes the art program at ECU great?

I have heard nothing but good things about the art school. The academics are very rigorous and I feel like I am getting the best education in art that I can. My professors are amazing. You see their artwork, and you see that they know what they are doing. We critique a lot but it really does help. It’s so hands-on. We collaborate a lot on projects. I think I have learned the most through interactions with my classmates because they will tell you flat out what they think.

What would you tell a prospective student about ECU?

ECU has so many opportunities for students. There are a variety of majors available, and the academics are strong. I love it here. It is easy to come to feel like you are a part of the community when you come to ECU.

What are you most proud of about being a Pirate?

I am most proud of the immense pride each and every ECU student I meet has. Everyone knows if you yell, “Purple,” someone will yell, “Gold!” I am also proud that ECU has shared that Pride with the community. I love how I cannot go anywhere in Greenville without seeing purple and gold or some form of Pirate pride. It truly shows that ECU is well respected by people of the Greenville community.

Is there anything else you think people should know about you?

I have the three best big brothers ever and am amazed and proud of them each and every day. They are my rocks and my role models.