Meet Our Students

What made you choose ECU?

I was born into adoption. My birth mother lives nearby in New Bern, North Carolina, and my older brother went to ECU. I grew up knowing all of my family, and I wanted to connect with my biological family more. Also, ECU is a huge supporter of diversity, and as a biracial student, a school that praises diversity was very important to me. Also, ECU has diverse choices for majors and also a strong supportive faculty. Last but not least, the school pride here is intense, which shows the family-like bond and support for ECU and our athletics.

What are some of the things you are proud of at ECU?

I’m proud of my accomplishments here at ECU. I feel I have made an impact in our community through the various programs and activities I have implemented with the ECU volunteer center and as well as my fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. I also am proud of staying in college and pursuing a degree, because not a lot of my family members have completed college. Also, the most important thing is that I expanded my horizons and participated in numerous ECU clubs, organizations, and jobs. I have been a resident assistant, been a part of the residence hall association, joined organizations on campus, and met a great number of people. I owe ECU a big deal of gratitude for the person I have become.

What is something about ECU you wish everyone could experience?

I wish everyone could experience life on campus. I strongly suggest that everyone stay in a residence hall. Not only do you meet great people, but Campus Living carefully selects resident assistants to help you map out a positive and productive future at East Carolina. Also, living on campus promotes academic excellence and promotes diversity.

What would you tell a prospective student about ECU?

I would tell them that making the choice to attend East Carolina is a great choice. Not only do you get a great education, but you join the Pirate family. Here at ECU, they really welcome you with open arms. Also, I would tell them although ECU is a very welcoming school, nothing here is a free ride. You have to really work hard to succeed here and that's what makes East Carolina students so successful!

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