Meet Our Students

What made you choose ECU?

Two of my siblings have attended ECU, and I can remember being a little girl and going with my sister to campus. I thought it was so beautiful. The buildings and the landscape looked like picture perfect. One thing I really like about ECU is the positive atmosphere and how well the university tends to its students needs. ECU has so much school spirit, which is uplifting and encouraging. Another thing I have noticed after attending ECU is how hard the university works on preparing its students for the real world.

What would you tell a prospective student about ECU?

ECU is the perfect place for students to be who they are. The university encourages students to be strong individuals while at the same time identifying themselves as one, an ECU Pirate. The student is able to speak up and speak out and be who they want to be while falling into harmony with the surroundings. I can say that any student that steps foot on ECU's campus will learn a world of life lessons that do not just come from books. ECU has helped shape me into the person I am today, and I believe ECU prepares its students to contribute to the world outside the purple and gold.

Has attending ECU changed you?

I have so much ECU pride now. It’s funny because I never thought I would have school pride. I never had school spirit in my life. But now I always represent the purple and gold, and whenever anyone asks me where they should go to school, I always tell them to become a Pirate.

Is there anything else you think people should know about you?

I am not the type of person to sit down while someone suffers. If I can lend a helping hand, I try my best to do so.

Sometimes people may not agree on things but it's important to listen to each other and learn from each other and grow from each other. I am a Palestinian Muslim-American who has friends from many different backgrounds and believe that from each of these friends I have understood the world better and believe there is hope to make the world a better place. Complaining and doing nothing about an issue gets us nowhere. Like Michael Jackson says, “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.” I intend to live by these words and to never give up on the dreams that live in my heart.

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