What made you choose ECU?

I chose ECU because I came and went on a campus tour with a few friends and something about it just seemed right. I know that may be a vague or cliché answer, but looking back on the experience now, I know what it meant. I feel right here, doing what I am doing (both as a student and in my jobs) and being friends with the people I have met. I chose ECU because when I was first here, I imagined having that feeling of accomplishment and pride in myself, and I felt like I could have that here.

How does ECU help prepare students for their careers?

All of the opportunities that ECU offers, in the form of organizations and departments, are a great start in finding what you want to do and how to go about making it happen. I have made some great contacts through my involvement with the Student Activities Board and The East Carolinian, and that is something I have been building since freshman year. Having these opportunities is such an invaluable tool for young people, and once you find what you want, you have the chance to be successful at it.

Tell me about being films chair for the Student Activities Board.

I joined the films committee the second week of my freshman year. When I came to college, I knew I wanted to be involved in anything film related. This committee is responsible for bringing the films to Hendrix, as well as special educational films and programs. I became the secretary the next year, and then this is my second year as films chair.

I love being films chair! For so long, I wanted to work with film, so a lot of people will ask me why I don’t want to become a director or producer. But I feel like those roles limit you to just one film. I love all areas of film, and my job with this committee allows me to follow my passion. One of the things I really wanted to accomplish as films chair was to branch out from just showing movies like Harry Potter, Transformers, and Twilight. Don’t get me wrong–I love showing these popular films. But I also wanted to bring in smaller films and open up the university’s cinematic palette. I like showing a wide variety of films because we do have to appeal to the majority, but there is also a minority out there. There are niche crowds, and film is a good way to tackle that because it covers so much.

You are also the managing editor for ECU’s student newspaper The East Carolinian?

I joined the paper in October of 2010 as the lifestyles writer. I did a lot of reporting about the events on campus and also wrote film reviews. That following summer, I was lifestyles editor. I became a copy editor because I was good with AP style. I then became head copy editor when the head copy editor graduated. This year, I was named managing editor.

I really enjoy working on the paper. It’s a unique experience because there’s a true testament to your time management with the deadlines and interviewing. The paper is great to be involved in because it taps into a lot of areas that can help you be successful in college.

What are some lessons you have learned from being managing editor?

Being managing editor forces you to not only rely on your own managerial and time management skills, but to also work around others. I have also learned patience and to have more conviction in my managerial position. As managing editor, I believe you are able to see more of the structure of the paper. This, in turn, makes you respect that structure a little more and understand that there is a lot going on.