What made you choose ECU?

While living in Hawaii in 2007, ECU's football team played in the Bowl game against University of Hawaii. After seeing ECU's exciting victory and outstanding school spirit, I did research on the university. Later that year during the summer, my family and I traveled to ECU to attend a campus tour. That day, I decided that ECU was the pick for me and no other school needed to be seen.

I love the school spirit here. When we visited, everyone was so friendly for us to be so far away. I made so many friends that day. I really realized that I love ECU, and my parents love coming here to visit.

You are a transfer student. Do you have any advice for a student who may be interested in transferring to ECU?

I definitely recommend for transfer students to participate in orientation.

I transferred to ECU from Hawaii Pacific University my sophomore year. At Orientation, I learned who could help me with my transcripts. I had so many problems when I tried to have them sent over from Hawaii. It was great to know who to go to for help.

Tell me about your best ECU memory.

I pledged Gamma Sigma Sigma Service Sorority in the fall of last year. Joining a sorority changed my life because I realized that I can have sisters from all backgrounds and nationalities. These girls are awesome, and they have had my back through thick and thin. Being a part of the sorority has been the most life changing experience I have ever had. Especially coming from a far away place and not knowing many people. Our sorority stands for service and friendship and that is exactly what we live for.

Talk a little more about your volunteer experience.

I love volunteering. I volunteer at least four or five times a week. I love working with children. I volunteer at the Carver Library, and the kids are so grateful. I mainly tutor them, so I help them with their homework. I also work with the kids’ parents and coach them on how to help their children with their work at home as well. Helping the children makes me feel all bubbly inside.

What are some of the things you are most proud of at ECU?

I think the one thing I love more than anything at ECU is the diversity. I did not feel like an outsider when I got here. I felt like one of the family. I have a friend in Hawaii who I am encouraging to come here. But, she is nervous about feeling like an outcast. I keep telling her that it is wonderful here, and everyone is so open and embracing.