Meet Our Students

What is it like writing for ECU's student newspaper, The East Carolinian?

I have to admit that seeing your name in print for the first time is pretty exciting. I've written for The East Carolinian for two years, and I really enjoy it. The staff is a great group of people. I typically write pieces on pop culture and things that I think college students might find interesting or funny. The one thing that everyone reads in the paper is the Pirate Rants. I've even heard that other schools are starting to incorporate their own versions of the Pirate Rants in their own papers. I think it really benefits students to have The East Carolinian on campus. It’s another outlet to help them be involved on campus. They can see the events posted in the paper, tell some friends, and decide they all want to go.

What is something about ECU that you wish everyone could experience?

I think everyone at ECU should get the opportunity to meet some of the original East Carolina Teacher's College (ECTC) graduates. These alumni have some of the most exiting and funny stories to share and they are always genuinely interested in hearing about how ECU is today. Every ECU student would appreciate the education we receive and the laid-back atmosphere that we take for granted.

What is your best ECU memory?

Being an ECU Ambassador, I get the opportunity to work with the football recruiting program at home football games. This year, I was working with recruits when our Pirates defeated the UCF Knights, and I was elated to find out that we had the chance to be in the locker room for Coach Holtz's victory speech. This was my best ECU memory because I witnessed how tight-knit our team is and how proud they are to be Pirates. As the team said in the locker room, "It's a beautiful day to be a Pirate!"