Meet Our Students

What is it like being a tour guide here?

The best part about being a tour guide is that I get to meet new people everyday. I feel like I’m always making new friends. I’ve been doing it for several years now, so every once in a while if I’m here during the summer and I see a parent or a family at student orientation that will remember me from a tour. One even said that I was the reason their child picked ECU. That’s always a wonderful feeling. One of the best places to show people when they visit is the rec center. They see the swimming pools and the basketball courts and they just fall in love. The Trustees Fountain is always the finale. People really love it when I tell them the story of the old fountain and how we got the new one.

What are some of the things you are proud of at ECU?

I am proud of the landscaping crew we have here. ECU has a beautiful campus. It may not be a big deal to other people, depending on where they come from, but I think having green grass is a big deal. The grass is always green! I mean, campus looks exactly like it does in our brochures. To see that every day and to see the landscaping crew hard at work is great because, as a tour guide, I know that we have visitors to campus every day.

What is your favorite ECU memory?

The day I started Word of Mouth, a student organization for poets. It was born in my dorm room freshman year. Last year, I made it into a student organization to give poets their own little haven where they could come and share themselves. A lot of poets tend to write in a notebook and keep it to themselves without have place to really express themselves. So that’s what Word of Mouth is—it’s just a room where you can come and scream, kick, yell, get all of your emotions out instead of leaving them on the page.

How would you like to leave your mark on ECU?

One of my dreams is to one day have a building at East Carolina University with my name on it. I want future tour guides to come up to a big beautiful building and say, “Here we are at the mathematics building. This is Martinez. It’s the home to the department of mathematics.” That would be so cool.

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