You mentioned that you have a passion for volunteering. Tell me about that.

Relay for Life is my big volunteer event right now. I also volunteer at the hospital once a week. I work at the Heart Center. I sit at one of the front desks, and I am a liaison between the medical staff and the families there. If they move a patient and if the families do not know where to go, then I try to help. If they have a question, I try to find a nurse for them to talk to.

I came into ECU as an undecided major, but I knew that I wanted to go the medical route. I have always known that, but I just wasn’t quite sure how to get there. I started getting involved with various student groups and organizations, and those experiences helped me find myself and helped me figure out what I want to do.

The Volunteer and Service-Learning Center also produces a newspaper that has all sorts of organizations listed around the Greenville area that you can get involved with. They have all the contact information readily available for students.

Tell me more about your Relay for Life experience.

I am involved with Relay for Life here at ECU. Relay is the signature event for the American Cancer Society. Our purpose is to raise awareness and to raise funds for the Society so we can help find a cure for cancer as well as provide treatments and programs. The Society also strives to provide early detection programs so we can help reduce the number of people who have to deal with cancer when they are diagnosed in the late stages.

I became involved with Relay during my freshman year. I was participating in a leadership program, and one of my mentors started a team and asked me to join. I really enjoyed the experience, so the next year, I looked for a way to get even more involved. I joined the committee to help plan the event.

Being involved with Relay has taught me a lot. I have learned that no matter how different everyone seems, we all have something in common. Our big thing with Relay is that everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. Maybe it is not your mom who had been impacted; maybe it’s your best friend’s mom. But, everyone knows someone whose life has been impacted by cancer. It’s a common ground for everyone to come together and to bond over. At our event, we have such a wide group of people to participate— Greeks, religious organizations, honor societies. Everyone from campus comes together and tries to help fight this awful disease.

Tell me about your best ECU memory.

I grew up in Raleigh, so I was a huge N.C. State fan. Both my parents work at State and I grew up about 15 minutes way from campus. My freshman year, ECU played N.C. State at State, and ECU lost. It was awful. I wore my purple and got heckled the entire game. My family, for the next year and a half, kept hounding me about it. This past year, when N.C. State came to Greenville, ECU won in overtime and I have been able to tease my family. It’s been nice to have that ability. That was my favorite football game my entire ECU career.

So many students I have interviewed have mentioned how personable the professors are at ECU. You also mentioned that as well. Tell me a little more.

Most of the professors I have had here at ECU are really willing to reach out to their students. They have their posted office hours, but if you stop by at a different time and they are there, they are more than happy to help you. They will respond to e-mails. If you have a question class related, then of course they will help you, but if you have other questions, they will help as well. For example, if you say, “What do you think I should do about this? I am thinking about applying to med school,” then they are willing to help you with everything else you have to do to figure that out. It is harder for the professor to get to know everyone in the larger classes. But, if you make that effort to get to know the professor, then the professor will make the effort as well. This is my sixth semester here and I still talk to my general chemistry professor from my first semester.

You work at ECU. Tell me about your job here.

I work as a facilitator for the Team Training Center.