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Nursing allows Joshua to blend his desire to work in medicine and direct patient care.

ECU has transformed senior nursing major Joshua Mosakowski from a quiet, reserved incoming freshman to a top performing Honors College student ready to tackle gender equality in nursing.

“I’m still very quiet,” Mosakowski said, “but I’m more outgoing and able to talk to people.” He credits that change to his experience working with marketing and communication in the Honors College and his service as an ECU Ambassador, which required him to speak and interact with people outside the medical realm.

Mosakowski is working toward a career as a nurse practitioner, with a goal of providing care to people in North Carolina. He also hopes to see more males enter the nursing field. “I certainly do promote gender equality in nursing and don’t have a problem being a minority,” he said.

He encourages fellow male nurses informally, just as another male encouraged him throughout his time at ECU. In a colloquium course his freshman year, Mosakowski met Honors College Associate Dean Kevin Baxter, who had significant impact on his college experience. “He was very familiar with ECU and the things I could get involved in,” Mosakowski said. “He wanted me to do my best and gave me so many opportunities.”

When Mosakowski began his studies at ECU in 2010, the Honors College was in its inaugural year. He will be a member of the first graduating class from the Honors College this May. He also works as a nurse extern at Vidant in Greenville in the medical intermediate unit.

Mosakowski’s inclination toward serving others led him into the field of nursing. “When I looked into the opportunities in nursing and the direct patient care…that drew me into it,” said Mosakowski.

Why ECU?
I chose ECU, one, because of the College of Nursing. I knew it was a great program and certainly one of the best in the state. And the campus was amazing. The people were friendly and welcoming and on top of that, being a part of the first class of the Honors College made me want to come to ECU.

How has Kevin Baxter helped you as a role model?
When I first met Kevin, my freshman year, he helped teach one of my colloquium courses. I actually applied for the first round of student employee positions in the Honors College and I was selected. In that position, he was my supervisor. After that he taught another one of my courses and he just had a great impact. I’m really appreciative of all the help he has given me and his being there through my four years at ECU.

What marketing did you do for the Honors College?
As co-chair for the Honors College marketing committee, I focused on the newsletter “Ink Pot & Quill.” I assisted in writing some of the articles, helping others with their articles and overall design. We have several social media sites as well, where we try to advertise to perspective and current students. I still like talking to current and prospective students about the Honors College even though I don’t work there now. I love the opportunity that the Honors College gives to students. I’ve seen it first-hand and how they keep expanding it. Whenever I can promote the Honors College and ECU, I take that opportunity.

In what ways did your ECU experience change you?
The Honors College put me in situations where I wasn’t comfortable. It gave me that opportunity to go out and try new things. The College of Nursing has done the same thing with patient interaction and going to different clinical sites that really test your limits and make you think outside of what you normally do.

How did you get started with volunteer work?
It was probably one of my Honors seminars my freshman year. That work showed me a different side of Greenville and the communities that we can help by volunteering. Working with organizations that give back to those in need and those who need some form of medical assistance or support makes me feel like I am able to do something outside of my day-to-day routine of classwork.

Written by: Jamitress Bowden
Photography by: Cliff Hollis


"Appreciate each and every day, and focus on what you can do today."

- Joshua Mosakowski