Tell me about your future career goals.

There is an opportunity available where the U.S. Navy is recruiting from our math department for the Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program. If I was accepted into this program, I would be a nuclear engineer in the U.S. Navy. Or, I would become a calculus professor straight out of my undergraduate program and into the Navy. The only thing that I have to figure out is if the Navy will take me. I have talked to a recruiter already, and being legally blind isn't going to immediately disqualify me, but they do want to check my  medical background. If they will accept me, I have to take the opportunity to be the first blind person to enter the U.S. military.

What made you choose ECU?

I applied to several schools that looked like they had what I wanted academically. Once I saw where I was accepted, I tried to ask more questions. Here at ECU, people were hospitable and encouraged me to come in and talk more. I really appreciated that the people at ECU wanted me to come, and they encouraged me. At the other schools, it just seemed as though the people at the admissions office wanted me to come, but no one else cared. At ECU, there was a community saying, “Yes, come join us.” I wanted to attend a school where I was wanted, and I felt like ECU was the place for me.

How has being at ECU changed you?

When you go off to college, you have to learn to be a lot more independent and self-reliant. Coming to ECU has shown me that everyone has opportunities available to them, and, here at ECU, the opportunities are everywhere. You just have to go after those opportunities. What I like about ECU is that if you want to achieve something, you can. Being here has taught me that the boundaries you think might exist really aren’t where you think they are.

What is something at ECU you wish everyone could experience?

ECU has excellent faculty members, and I am proud of them. The professors will always take the time to meet and talk with you. They make sure all of their students have the opportunities needed to succeed in their courses. It is a great feeling to know that the professors here are so dedicated.