You are a Teaching Fellow at ECU. Tell me about your experience in this program.

Being in Teaching Fellows has been a great opportunity. We have the chance to travel. We have gone to New York and Boston, and we are going back to New York in a few weeks. Teaching Fellows also encourages us to go out into the schools and tutor a certain amount of hours a semester. Teaching Fellows also offers great summer experiences. After your freshman year, you go on a bus tour with other Teaching Fellows and you visit the different school systems to see how they differ. After high school, you really only know what your elementary, middle school, or high school was like. It’s nice to see what other schools in North Carolina have to offer. There are also conferences every year, where Teaching Fellows are able to see each other and network.

How has ECU changed you?

I feel like I have grown a lot since I have been here. I have become a lot more involved in student organizations than I thought I would, but it has been very rewarding. It’s been wonderful to invest time and effort into projects and being able to actually see the positive outcomes.

What is something about ECU that you wish everyone could experience?

My major. I am proud that although my major may be small, ECU has not done away with it and continues to support it. This is a big university, yet my major is close-knit and personal. I am close to my advisers and professors.

Is there anything else you think people should know about you?

In June 2010, I traveled with my boyfriend and his family to Kenya for two weeks. His dad is a pastor. There is a missionary family based out of their church living in Kenya, and the nine of us on the trip spent most of our time working with them. After our mission work, we went on a safari into the Masai Mara Park. That was so awesome.