What makes you proud to be a Pirate?

I am proud of the tradition that comes with being a Pirate, and I am proud of the educational opportunities that ECU provides as well as its reputation in the academic community. I am also proud of the camaraderie of the ECU alumni, faculty, staff, and student body.

How have the past four years changed you as a person?

ECU has taught me that there is always something new to learn and has provided me with the tools and knowledge to be a leader. I have become more independent and a better communicator.

Tell me about your research.

I focus on landslides. My goal is to understand movement of landslides to better predict future movements at other sites and to prevent human casualties and destruction of property.

You brought in an awesome piece of equipment that you use for your research. Tell me about that.


This is a laser scanner. It shoots out a green laser that catches intensity values of objects or surfaces and that sends back information to the machine. This enables us to make 3-D models of pretty much anything. We do a lot with buildings, statues; we have scanned the Pirate statue and the Cupola. In my research, I use the laser scanner for landslide monitoring—trying to determine when they move, how they move, and at what rates.

What are your plans for the future?

I am excited to say that I will be continuing my education here at ECU in the summer session, pursuing a master’s degree in the Department of Geography.

What are you most excited about for grad school?

I am excited about getting more experience in my field. I actually have a project I am getting ready to start for graduate school. I will be going to Costa Rica to study a fluvial, the movement of sediment due to water. We will be there for a week and have four days to complete the job. I know it will be an awesome experience. In this particular area, the river channel floods very quickly, which causes safety concerns. We will use laser scanning and hopefully walk away with a better understanding of how the sediments move that we can apply to address the safety concerns.