What made you choose ECU?

I would say ECU’s academic reputation, location, and school spirit. I had always heard that ECU was a great school, and when I got here, I was able to experience it first-hand. The classes are not only interesting and enjoyable, but also challenging, which is very important for educational growth.

ECU’s location is also great. I love North Carolina, so going out of state for a college education was out of the question. I also love the east coast, the weather, people, and atmosphere. I had to go to school where I could be comfortable, and ECU seemed perfect.

I also love ECU’s school spirit. I can’t imagine going to another school and being anything other than a Pirate.

What would you tell a prospective student about ECU?

ECU is a great place to find what you want to do in life. There are so many different majors. If a student is unsure about what they want to major in, then he should take a lot of Foundations classes to learn what career path they like. Every class I am in, I find interesting and I want to learn more about the subject.

What are some of the things you are proud of about being a Pirate?

I am proud of our school spirit. I just don’t get that feeling of school pride from other universities in the state. It’s fun to go to a football game and see people literally painted to support the school.

What is your best ECU memory?

Orientation in Wright Auditorium. You are sitting there and the student body president comes up and talks a little bit. Then everyone starts shouting, “Purple and Gold,” and the shouts are so loud that they fill the room. I am sure everyone outside can hear too. This was an inspiring moment.

Is there anything else you think people should know about you?

I participated in Craven Indoor Percussion, a marching percussion ensemble out of New Bern, North Carolina. The group is very young and this year will be in its third year of existence. As an Independent A class marching percussion group, we won third place at last year’s World Finals Competition in Dayton, Ohio. This was actually the first time any percussion ensemble from North Carolina made it into the top three in any class.