Meet our students

What are some of the things you are proud of at ECU?

I am very proud of our diversity at ECU. We have all kinds of people that come from such different walks of life. It definitely helps people open up and get a good view of what it will be like after graduating from college.

I am also proud of our service. The Volunteer and Service- Learning Center does so much for our students. I have worked closely with these individuals going on three years and the amount of care they have to spread the word to volunteer is inspiring.

What is the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center?

A lot of people don’t know about the center, which is sad. We do have a Volunteer and Service-Learning Center on campus. It’s located in the Old Cafeteria Complex on the Jenkins Art Building side. We have full staff employees there. Shawn Moore is the coordinator and Michael Loeffelman is the volunteer coordinator. They are just wonderful people and they do a lot for ECU students to enable them to volunteer wherever they need to be.

Tell me about your volunteer experience.

I am a really avid volunteer. I have been volunteering for about 10 years; I started really young. Volunteering is a big passion of mine. As a child, my mom taught me to always do more than expected and to go the extra mile. Although I didn’t grow up as a more wealthy child, my mom did spoil me the best she could. I just feel like I’ve been given so much and it’s my duty to give it back.

What is your best ECU memory?

I worked at the New Student Orientation. Our staff was simply amazing. You get so many benefits. You get to be the first impression on new students at ECU. You get to be the first face they see and they experience. If you implement that “Oh my gosh. I’m here at ECU. I’m a Pirate,” then it just sets the mood for the entire year.

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