What made you choose ECU?

I am a transfer student. After finishing high school, I took classes at Craven Community College to decide what career path I wanted to follow. As I worked full-time and got a better grip on life, I realized what I was capable of and discovered that there was nothing holding me back from a college education and a successful career of my choice. So, I kicked myself into a higher gear and set my goals to become an elementary-school teacher—my first key to success. I was going to continue living and working full time in New Bern and complete my teaching degree through the Wachovia Partnership East program. WPE is a degree-completion partnership between ECU and North Carolina community colleges, and I think it is a wonderful opportunity for people interested in going to college part time while maintaining a full time job. However, those plans soon changed for me. I was surprisingly awarded the Harold Bate Access Scholarship from ECU. With the blessing of this scholarship, other grants, and a small loan, I found my next key to unlocking the doors to my education. I could now afford going to a university, one of the best universities for teaching majors, and I could be on a university campus and be more involved! I was ready to see what I could do at ECU and what ECU could do for me!

What are some of the things you are proud of at ECU?

First and foremost, I am proud of the quality of education and, in particular, the elementary education degree program. As a transfer student, I immediately felt welcomed and a part of the Pirate Nation. In addition to the educational opportunities, the campus and community events heighten the college experience. I am proud that ECU promotes learning and Pirate spirit in a way that makes everyone feel a part of one big team. Thank you, ECU!

What are some of the ways you feel like ECU has trained you for your career as a teacher?

Here at ECU, future teachers are immediately put into schools to get experience. Your professors equip you with strategies and plans, and they are constantly teaching you. They take every moment, and while teaching you as a college student, they are incorporating lessons you will need to teach to your own students one day.

What is something about ECU you wish everyone could experience?

Besides the main experience of attending classes on campus, I wish everyone could experience the ECU "purple-gold" language. If you are a student at ECU, it's guaranteed that if you hear "PURPLE," you will hear the immediate response, "GOLD." Sometimes it's hard to describe school spirit, but if anyone could witness this daily scenario, they would have a better understanding of the Pirate Nation.